Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Character Salvador

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1 Character Salvador on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:50 am

Salvador – Human / Elfish

Age: 25

Family: Mother, Father deceased.

Younger brother Scott (Twin).

Element: Darkness.

Personality: smart, cunning, charming when he has to be, he loves pulling the shit out of his brother, hit’s on anyone male or female he just like to see their reaction – usually when the people is alone with just him. Not very talkative. Loves playing jokes on people.

History: Born two minutes both his younger twin brother, he loves going on about being older then him and knows best for him even though it’s only by two minutes. Living within an elfish village called Snowflake Grove with his mother, father and brother little Scotty that he always uses to call him. His elfish mother would never disown her two boys, though cross-breeds were so impure and a shame to their people. Seeming that humans had evolved from elf’s years ago, the merger was expected by her people though they were still a little iffy about her human husband.

Learning the magical arts of their mother’s people, speaking some of their mother’s people’s language, fun loving brothers seeking out excitement. They were usually found playing in the flower gardens, playing hide and seek through out the village in was a game they truly enjoyed as child. Taking life as it came to them slowly and peacefully, taking classes in archery at school, learning scriptures, history of the world. Salvador took a great interest within painting, he loved painting since a very young age, catching the souls of wild life – trees – beautiful young elfin girls, within this works. Once he’d done a lovely oil painting of a female snow-white wolf and her young milky-white cub sleeping under a willow tree, with rays of sunlight coming through the leaves from the skies at the break of dawn. Never knowing that the cub in the painting would be someone that he would meet letter within his life, someone that would catcher his eyes, he had a soft spot for beautiful girls and sometimes liked hitting on pretty guy’s as he had an eye for beauty, scary them for a little fun. If he’d had know that the wolf puppy had been a werewolf he probably would have talked to them at the time. Though that hadn’t been the case and she’d never know that he’d painted her, unless he was to ever tell her that is.

A starving artists looking for inspiration, he decided to travel to seek out new and wonderful moments to paint, convincing his brother to come with him on his journey, he was truly pleased to be traveling with his twin they were very close in deed. Visiting countless towns, cities, villages and landmarks. He deeply lost himself within his work, without noticing his younger brother had lost his way and started traveling down a dark path in life. Sadly to late he relied his brother had picked-up a life of crime, stealing from the places they’d been stopping at to stock-up at over the years and then night he was caught red-handed his big brother had stepped in to save him. Taking the objects his little brother had stolen from him before the towns fork reached them, he told the townie’s that he had taken their belongings and that his baby bother hadn’t know anything about it. Offering them back their objects, giving them apology, he also took a whipping for his brothers doing. Cast out of the town, he was shamed by the town fork but he didn’t care, because his brother was safe and that’s all that mattered to him.

Strangely being whipped from a crime he didn’t commit, made him want to be bad so that his scares meant something, he know it sounded stupid but when you’re good all the time people teach you with hard lessons of cruelness when breaking the rules this he had learned as a child. Though when you’re a horrible, trouble making, mean child and you do one thing good you are always praised. This was something that had always pissed him off, if you was going to be hurt for making simple mistakes then he was going to be bad. The goody goodies were never praised for being angels; it was just expected of them. He found himself letting his brother steal and then found himself following in his footsteps.

Becoming sneaky, well known, smart- thieves. They tricked many people into giving-up their life savings to them and took their items from right under their watching eyes. They were master con-artists, tricking a whole village once that the sun was going to die if they didn’t pay their respects to the Sun-God. Out of this scram they gained seven thousand dollars and a free goat, which was offered to the so-called Sun God played by his little brother Scotty. He swears that he’s brother deserves award for acting, his brother having blessed powers of light he made a very conniving Sun-God. Salvador was also able to sale some of his paints to the towns fork and catch a few new images on canvas. He did some dark arts work for Lord Demander, though didn’t let his brother get involved, making traps for the great overlord.

Visiting Passing Shadow, the town on which they decided to live in after staying their for a wile, it had great trade and friendly people. On the night the circus came to town the brothers planned to rob the tents, entering a large colorful top-tent walked around looking for food and jewelery, though to his amazement he found a young beautiful teenager within a sliver bared cage. Himself being a lady’s man couldn’t help but notices her loveliness, breaking open the cage to free her and to take her away from this horrible freak show. Before the circus fork could stop them they blotted out of the tent with the girl and other goodies. Setting-up camp within the woods out side of town, he watched the lady for sometime before falling a sleep, she remembered him of someone but who he thought as he dreamed. Awaking early within the morning to see the young madden missing, at first he worried that the men from the circus had kidnapped her back from them, but then he find a letter written within elfish stating her story and a thank you of a white roses, as pale as her flesh he thought a lovely remember. He’d only just meet the girl, but who know that somewhere he’d seen her before and had an crush on her beauty.

Has not happened yet- (sometime, a few years latter they meet the other heroes in their home town. They’d try to rob them to tell the truth that hadn’t gone down will at all. Though shortly after awhile they become friends; closes friends, fight the likes of evil together. Though still finding sometime to steal a thing or two wile the others weren’t looking. That’s when he saw her again, the girl he’d saved and learned her name ‘Savira Drahowl’, though from what he could tell she didn’t know it was him)

Likes designing traps to catch wild animals, demons, fiends, and sometimes playing tricks on his friends with his traps. Making weapons, chasing girls, annoying his brother day and night on end.

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