Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Character (Jacouse)

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1Character (Jacouse) Empty Character (Jacouse) on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:53 pm

Characters name: Jacouse
Age: 600
Gender: Male

Mother: Demander's Sister

Father: Unknown

Siblings: Jessica
Race: Demon
Racial Ability: Poison body, No one can tough Jacouse skin or the toxic poison in it would make them very sick very quickly or even kill them.

Character information:
Basic Physical Info: Jacouse has a rather feminine look to him, long silky red hair soft with a sidewards fringe that has a streak of white hair, Red eyes, Pale skin, long and slender body he dose not look like he has strength, but Jacouse has a fear bit
Basic Personality: Jacouse is said to be a little on the crazy side, enjoys killing and the thrill of the hunt, he is Violent and cruel
Likes: Spiders and snakes..
Dislikes: Human's elves, Vampires, werewolf's, Angels and Demons but his hatred for Demander is the strongest.

Growing up on the out side of the Castle with his mother, whom was out cast by the demon lord him self as he feared that she would try to take his thrown. So Demander labeled her as weak and cast her out, even though she was far from it. Jacouse's father was another that was cast out and seeking to overthrow the Demon lord as he had become weak, he had fallen for an angel a woman named Luna she was everything that made him sick, so to get back at the demon lord and to rid the world of suck a sickening creature Jacouse's father killed Luna.

Jacouse was not born out of Love, far from it his mother found a strongest demon that would give her child power, enough power so one day he would be able to take down Demander and take the title of Lord. they did not stand alone agents the demon lord, they where the heads of a number of demons that felt the same way about Demander and felt that is sister should be the one in the castle.

Usual Clothes: long rob light cloths, Black.

Equipped Weapons: Venom whip

Fighting style: quite and Violent..

Snaring web: Jacouse can trap people with in his webs that are hard to brake,

Illusion: Jacouse can make people see and feel things that are not really there, dose not always work

Super Speed: Jacouse can move up to 40% faster then normal demons

high weakness to fire, light powers


(still working on this one)

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