Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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character (Keda)

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1character (Keda) Empty character (Keda) on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:24 pm

Characters name: Keda
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Mother: Luna

Father: Demerdar

Siblings: Kathleen

Race: half Angel half Demon
Racial Ability: eagle site, witch gives her 50% more Accuracy then normal, so she would never miss unless they have super speed to escape from her attack.

Character information:
Basic Physical Info: Long think flat Black hair going down to the middle of her back she always wears it down, beautiful Dark blue eyes, Very pale skin, small and slender, small hips and chest, she looks rather angelic, standing at 5”7’. She was almost the splitting image of her mother, Body type Ectomorph.

Basic Personality: Truly kind hearted and would do what she could to help, tries to look for the good in every one, elegant and well mannered. Quiet and shy.
Likes: Almost everything... Elfish and human are manly the only race she truly knew, so she has a like for them. Nature – Plants and animals.
Dislikes: she is not fond of people that are overly violent for no reason and they do tend to annoy her a little. Foods she does not like are mostly red meats.

Keda never knew her birth father, Luna her mother brought her to Jazra when she was only a child of 2 years of age after she had escaped from the Demon Demerdar’s grasps. And she does not remember her mother but she was told by the village she was the spitting image of Luna and as kind hearted as she was.

She lived and grow up in the Village of Jazra, the Village in the trees, Houses high in the tree top, with bridges between them, occupied by Forest Elves and humans, they live in harmony with the land. Keda lived with her older sister Kathleen and Kathleen’s Human father Karan, he razed both as his own till he died of a sickness that was cast over the Village by the Demon Demerdar.

She was trained by a high elfish priestess how to use her powers, how to fight with grace and to use her mother’s flute, she never really did understand why she was meant to learn this, but did what she was asked to.

She had many friends among the eleven and humans they all seemed to like her but some expected her to be just like her mother and asked her to help them with things she had no power over. Quickly they were reminded by the heads of the village she was not Luna and they could not to put troubles on her when she had not the power to help them.

A month after her 16th birthday she was told by the Elven seer that she and her sister must leave and head towards the east and Demerdar’s keep, she find out the truth and follow their destiny.

Keda set off with her older sister Kathleen to face the world and see where their path would lead them

Usual Clothes: Normally elegant dresses, middle age kind, colors are purples and black

Equipped Weapons: Her Mothers Enchanted bow, arrows from This bow can slow or Paralyze enemies as well as damage them takes 1 minuet to charge.

Fighting style: Uses their own strength agents them and can hit vital pressure points

Element: Physic
Healing hands: Keda can heal wounds anything form cut and burns to broken bones or internal injuries.. the smaller the injury the smaller the time taken to heal, the larger the injury the more the time taken to heal

fly: Keda grows angel wings out of her back so she can fly

High Weakness to Dark powers

other ability: spells that she learned from the elfish priestess that trained her..

1)Recovery,a spell she can cast on her self or up to 4 allies helping them recover from any damage no matter what from so they are the way there where before they started fighting, back to full strength.

2)Antidote, a spell she can cast on up to 4 allies helping them recover from, Poison, blind, Paralyze, sleep and slow.

3)Quicken, a spell she can cast on herself or allies quickening there moment speed by 50%

Misc: The eleven style white gold necklace with a purple gem which was given to her by the Elven seer before she left. it was made to Magnify Keda's Healing power and spell casting by 20%


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