Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Character (Dilandau

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1Character (Dilandau Empty Character (Dilandau on Sun Dec 05, 2010 2:37 pm

Name: Dilandau/Ryuu
Age: 6500
Gender: Male
Race: Youko (demon fox)
Powers: Illusion, Glamours.
Sanctuary: A dimensional sub-pocket keyed to Dilandau for him to retreat to if severely wounded. Keyed to an odd pendant that he always wears, and DNA locked. Once inside, he cannot come out for a minimum of 3 days.

Kitsunebi: Reddish-gold flames that start off at palm size and can be expanded up to 1m high and 2m long. These flames can be used as a shield to help blunt the effects of an attack, but only in large form. In the smaller, ball shaped form, they cause intense pain on contact by over stimulating the pain nerves of a victim.

Weapons: Dao. Two long, curved and matched blades worn between the shoulders. These swords are always incredibly sharp.

Appearence: Dilandau has dark red hair, slightly pointed ears and gold eyes. Tends to wearing a medium tone undershirt, with a long 'vest' overshirt in a darker colour, dark pants and thick, sturdy boots. Usually has his hair in a plait that reaches just past his shoulders.

Ryuu is essentially the same, but likes brighter colours; also, his hair has streaks of gold and crimson in it. Ryuu also has fox ears and four tails.

Personality: Actually has a split personality.

Dilandau: Believes himself to be a human possessed by a fox. Quiet and rather introspective, and prone to doing 'stupidly noble things' as Ryuu likes to put it. Dilan can be a little bit on the angsty side sometimes, but will always do what he thinks is right, and honorable. He was a Knight Captain of an elite force, and still retains many old world morals and ethics. Although he comes off as stoic and uncommunicative, he can be quite talkative once you get to know him and discuss something that he's passionate about... like swords. Despite being almost '200' years old, he's still almost ridicuously shy around women, especially confident ones.

Ryuu: Manipulative. He's so old by now that he's done a lot (of people) and been to many places, and is rather jaded as a result. He gets his kicks out of petty tricks and manipulations, and from causing general chaos. Like a little kid kicking over an antihill, Ryuu seems to delight in causing trouble simply because he can. That being said, as he is rather old, he can sometimes make keenly insightyful comments about those around him. However, for most of the time he seemly just doesn't give a shit about other people, unless he thinks they're useful or amusing. Ryuu tends to spend a lot of his time in the background.

History: Ryuu is technically the dominant force. A millenia old demon fox, he become bored and increasingly lonely (not that he'd admit that). After a series of incresingly risky escapades, Ryuu was mortally wounded. He sacrificed a tail and escaped into a pregnant woman, who had been on the verge of losing her child. Ryuu then sacrificed another tail in a desperate attempt to cure the hollowness inside of him, and created a split in his soul. From this was born another 'personality' that was essentially an extension of him. Exhausted by his efforts, Ryuu lapsed into a deep sleep, and only awoke when Dilan was in his late thirties.

Dilandau and Ryuu have a tumultuous relationship; Dilan believes that Ryuu is a demon that is possessing him. Ryuu think's it's funny, and neither confirms or denies his other half's suspicions. Since the two have been together for almost a half century, they have managed an uneasy (on Dilan's part) truce. However, Dilan is slowly being absorbed back into Ryuu, and in a few hundred years will have become a part of the fox.

Dilandau is control.
Ryuu is in control.

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