Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Jazra Village

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51Jazra Village - Page 3 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:58 pm

"I can help with that" Kathleen said as she walked over to Medlock with a smile, kneeling next to him she then placed over the wood as she did a small volt of Electricity came from her hand, it would work the same as rubbing to sticks together using friction to make a fire. The wood started to smoke as a small flame then stated to burn.

"The truth is I'm still luring how to use mine" she said as she then looked at him with a smile, he did seem nice and thought she could trust him, if not she could just give him a zap when he is playing with water, she smiled to herself about that thought.

"Keda has more focus then I do with that kind of thing" she looked around and then back at him

"We have never been camping so just tell us what to do and we will help"


Keda looked at Medlock with a smile as she then looked over to her sister, it was hard for Kathleen to say that as she always seen her self as independent but they where never allowed to leave the village. 'my power? if your worried about this don't worry.. its a physic link and I will only hear what you want me to... I have practiced with it, I don't want to pry into peoples mind if I don't have to' her voice came into his mind as she then smiled at him.

"Its true the priestess at the temple would not let me leave till I turned 16" she said as she looked at him and then walked over to the water, looking down into it, they did not have any food with them and she did not mind fish, but if Medlock wanted to do that she could find some mint leaves, lemon herb, berry and nuts, it was not like she did not know what they could eat, it was one of the things that the priestess made her learn wile under there care

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Savira was getting tried of just sitting around here. If only she had some form of clothing to put on she could shift. It was only this night and the next day till fullmoon which make her think maybe she should just leave these people be.

She wondered away from the people heading back into the forest. She could smell something freshly killed like a rabbit. She followed the scent into a thick brush.


She cried out in her wolf form as a large metal net came around her and dragged her up into a near by tree. The metal net hagged from one of the higher tree brunches. She tried to bite throw the net but as she did the net sent a shoot of electricity though her body coursing her to shift unwillingly.

Curled up in the net in her elfish form, she had very snow white skin, lime green browny eyes, long brown hair with two top pieces tied back around the top of her head. She was naked all over. Expected for a large gold snake braclet going down her left arm with red rubies for eyes.

She tried again to free herself but the net just ending up cutting her arms and legs in different places as well as shocking her once more. The shock made her faint leaving her hanging in the net defenceless.

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"Well, I can help with that. I confess lightning is something I'm not familiar with, but if your Lightning Gift is anything like my Water Gift, I can help you train it, mold it."

He then shot her a sarcastic grin.

"And in payment, you must learn all you can about outdoors survival from me. Both of you."


Medlock looked to see the wolf snatched into the air by a metallic net, and with a spark it transformed into a young woman!

"What the....?" Medlock began to speak, before realising the wolf/woman/thing was still trapped, he ran over to help it out.

He drew some water from the river and leapt into the air at the net, and spun about. The water spun about with him, gaining momentum before swinging around again and somehow slicing through the net. The metallic strands finally snapped, and the girl tumbled from the net, while Medlock ran to catch her. She fell on his chest, dropping him to the floor and winding him for a moment.

As he tried to catch his breath, he looked into her eyes, and almost stopped breathing. Her eyes were like nothing he had ever seen! Noone in Atlantis told him surface dwellers had such beautiful eyes...

He then remembered who owned them, and flipped her off him, and leaned her against a tree.

"Who are you? And why were you following us?"

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well it would be nice to have some one to train with her sister was okay but still her power was kinda different then Kathleen's, she got up when Medlock as she then ran over to him as she then got in front of Medlock so she was between him and Savira looking at Medlock as she looked at him.

"Come on leave the girl alone" she turned to look at Savira, as she then looked at all the cuts on her body, Savira was Naked but there was nothing that she could do about it, she had no spear cloths on her, Nor did Keda

"MedLock... give the girl your Top" she said as she turned to look at Medlock he was taller then this girl so his top would just cover her up enough.

Keda made her way over to Savira as she then placed her hand on her shoulder, using her healing power to get rid of her cuts.

Keda looked at the girl with her Dark blue eyes as she then gave her a smile "Are you okay?" Keda asked wile she looked at the girl she was fully heal but Keda was asking anyway, she could tell she had the Fire power but it was not her place to say anything to the others about it to the others.

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Savira tried to think past the fact that she was standing here naked in front of all these strangers. For a werewolf moments like these came often though mostly after a full moon had taken them over.

"I'll be alright,"

She said softly in her elfish accent as she spoke to Keda with a thankful look in her eyes towards the girl. Her graze switched to the warlock princes and what he had said to her.

"Had a good enough look hmmm? You seemed alright with me in till you stopped thinking like a selfish male."

She was talking about the way he had be staring at her when she had fell on him. She wasn't about to tell them she was following them because her packs shaman had told her she would soon meet some people that would change her live. Though he had not told her if it would be a good change or a bad one. He didn't tell her who these people would be nether so she'd been investigating everyone she'd seen.

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Medlock looked at both women in turn, and finally swore in Atlantean and pulled off his shirt. It revealed his thin yet muscular frame, as he tossed the silk/cotton blend shirt to her.

He could not understand why these surfacers would be kind to this stranger. In Atlantis people were upfront, if they wanted something they asked for it or they took it. Skulking about in disguises was frowned upon.

Surfacers are strange, he thought to himself as he examined the net. A strange net, the strands of wire threaded together were copper, silver, and a blackish type metal he had not seen before. He pulled te strand away, and looked at it in the light.

It was metal, the way it stayed rigid after being pulled away from the other strands proved it. But this metal was smoother than silver, and actually heavier. This single strand felt like a gram of sugar was weighing down his hand.

He pocketed the metallic strand, and then turned back to the girl.

"Well, tell us your name. I'm Medlock, this is Kathleen and Keda. Do you usually travel about in wolf form, or is it a once off occasion?"

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Kathleen looked at Medlock as she then pulled a face, he really was rather rude and she could not see a reason for it, then again if this was a male she would be acting just like he is right now. Standing to her feet to looked over at the net, she had see nets like that a few times before bit did not remember where.

"I think out visitor is a werewolf" Kathleen said as she looked at Savira, she had heard about there being a village of them not that far away from where they lived.

Stretching her arms up in the air she then removed her axe from the holder on her back and then placed it onto the ground.


"Thank you Medlock" She new that Medlock was having some trouble understanding them by the way he was feeling towards the situation but he was doing rather well about it.

Her eyes looked up as it had started to get darker the sun was setting and the sky had turned pinksih purple, it looked to beautiful, her Dark blue eyes looked up at it as she then smiled, Turning to looked over at Medlock one more.

"So what do we need to do for camping" she said as she smiled at him.

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Savira couldn't seem to look past the fact that these people were freakishly nice. What reason did they have to be so nice to strangers? She wasn't use to people being kind to her since must creatures called her a worthless crossbreed. Being haft elf and haft blood werewolf which was a born werewolf.

She took the silk coat form the warlock. Wrapping it around herself she did up the buttons. She was a little put off by the fact his coat smelled like sea salt and fish.

"You ask a lot of personal questions lingwe edan. What is it of your business? Hmm..."

She called him fish man in her naive tongue Elvish, which is lingwe edan. It was highly unlikely he would understand her Elvish words. She picked up the dead rabbit from the metal net that had been the bait. She throw it at Keda assuming the girl was good at catching.

"Not much meat for you all but food is food in these woods."

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59Jazra Village - Page 3 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 26, 2010 1:02 pm

Medlock felt like saying It's always my business when being followed by a half breed, but maybe that was just his mother talking. She did offer food, at least, but his unfortunate experiences with surface animals made him wary again.

"Well, if you're going to go for a walkabout tonight, I'd better check the rest of the area for more nets." He simply walked away, and drew his sword again.

I just helped her out of that net, and she won't even acknowledge me by telling me her name. That's gratitude for you. Atlanteans would never be so rude.

He looked in another bush which seemed a little off to the side, like a table overturned, and looked beneath it. Sure enough, it was another net, the same as the one that ensnared the woman/wolf/thing that Kathleen said was a werewolf, whatever that was.

He undid the snare, and pulled the net out from under the bush. It was exactly the same as the one that snared the girl, but who made it, and who enchanted it to carry such a shock? And what was the black wire entwined about the silver and copper?

Bringing it back to camp, he dropped it down at the fire and walked towards the river.

"Gonna go get dinner. Have yourselves a nice chat while I'm gone." Without another work, he leapt into the river like a dolphin, and not another sign was seen.

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60Jazra Village - Page 3 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:20 am

Kathleen looked at Medlock with a smile as he left, he was being rather helpful and she was really grateful for what he had done. As he then left as she then turned to looked over towards Savira.

"So then what is your name?" Medlock had given her there names before asking for hers so she could not see him as rude he was rather polite in that way, and from what she could see of Medlock he looked like he was from a higher family.

Keda manged to catch the rabbit as it was tossed to her, giving Savira a smile as she nodded her head in as to say thank you.

Moving her head as she watched Medlock leave and go into the water once more, she smiled as she then walked over to the side of the water looking down into it, it was getting dark down there and if it was not for the bright moon and the stars the water would be black, 'can you see down there' she asked into his mind, since she had made a mind link with him it did not matter where he was she could speak with him, her eyes looked up into the night sky

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"I'm Savira Drahowl,"

She didn't expected these people to know which pack she resided with and didn't find it in her best interest to tell them of her wolf pack. She was still unshore if these ceatures where friend or foe. She find it hard to trust people since she was a cross-breed and at every turn something bad came after her.

"So you all have element powers?"

She had seen their powers in action before and was impressed. She hope these beans where friends, she wouldn't like to have to face them as foe's with their powers being like hers. She was not shore if she should tell them that she was a fire caster. She didn't know how they would reacted to such news.

She walked to the waters edge where keda was staring down at the water wondering what she was looking down at. She swore the warlock swimming under the waters waves trying to catch them some fish.

"I've never meet a creature like him before..."

She said standing beside Keda looking into the depth of the water.

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