Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Volcana Village, Ruled by King Raven High Elf.

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Volcana home of the woodlen elves, a noble and proud people. Their village is surronded by seventeen volcano's, onwood beyond the high volcano tops a lush thick woods surronds them. The forest knew to this day as Howling Falls.

Within the rocky walls of the village home's stand maded of set lava curved out to form doorways, doors and windows made of oak set in place.

The native tongue is Elfish, they aren't very fond of other spieces, it is very unheard of for an elf to crossbread with another creature for that all creatures are truly beneath them.The wisdom is great, their magic very strong, and they live part the age of many other creatures in the realm.

King Raven once's loved a creature outside the elves, one he thought to be human. Human had always been the least dangerous creature to deal with and a lot a like in looks to appeal to his kind. But the Queen, Lady Lily wasn't not all what she had seemed.

He'd married lady Lily and together they had given life to a healthy girl who would one day be queen of Volcana.

The King had done the unspeakable and taken a werewolf as his queen.

The young child Savira Drahowl, Starting out life within loving arms, opening her eyes to grazes upon a kind mother and a noble father both of royal blood lines. In these moment all was at peace, though nothing can ever be perfect. Some saw her as a bridge between the Elves and Werewolves to bring them together under a great powerful alliances, to rule as a Queen to both empires when her parents end their rain, a dream that didn’t lest. For a great number of Elfen’s saw her as a monster, a shame to their kind, she was an outcast among them, a filthy cross-breed and nothing more.

Her father ignored his people’s anger and bickering about his daughter for sometime, instill she was around the young age of four. He had loved his daughter dearly, though hearing his peoples curl words, arguments against her, their thoughts of a haft-breed ruling the village of Volcana sickened them to their stomachs. Their was talk of the people taking down the king if he didn’t think of his people, his true people, not some Mutt-lover and her mutant offspring.

The people where going to run them out of town along with the King, though at the last minute he turned on his beloved and his only blood-child, standing with his people, turning his back on his family and forcing them out of his life.

At first he missed them, seeing his daughter running around the fields of flowers or taking her up to the volcanos in the village and telling her stories about how their village had been formed –and many other tales of great legends. His arm firmly wrapped around his lover, being with her, sharing life with her, knowing she’s safe.

Though as the years pasted away before his eyes, is heart grow cold and hardened towards them, he didn’t feel any kindness or love for them. He only cared for his people, for their needs and happiness that would see him though his life.

Some Elves softly utter the name of the princess and speak of her, knowing that if they sided with her or the once Queen Lily they would be thrown into a volcano by order of the King.

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