Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Jazra Village

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26Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:41 am

Kathleen woke up after Keda then decided to wake her up and then turned to medlock,the moved to the side grabbing her sister to move her way from the Ice, she never did put on the hand cuffs so she was able to use her power.

Tellaporting behind Elizabeth, charging her hand over and grabbed her shoulder, giving the girl a zapped her, witch would hurt the girl a little but not to bad enough just to stun her.

"Hay guy.. thanks" Kathleen said with a smile, moving her hand and throwing Elizabeth away from them, that way she had would have to take some time to get back to them.
Keda then moved her head to turn to look at Medlock, she could not use her physic powers, but she did have spells and her Mothers Enchanted flute to help.

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27Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:43 am

Gotro's hammer, the bite and energy ball were, to put it plainly, painful.

"ARGH!" He groaned in pain as he began to recover. He smelt the flesh on his back, and as he tried to get up, his leg still with Annabelle chombing on it.

"SCREW THIS!" He roared, drawing his sword and slashing Annabelle across the face with it.

He looking up to see the Water Form still above him, and with flicks of his wrists, sent the tentacles towards each of the demons. As they grabbed them, he motioned for them to lift higher, and with a downward sweeping gesture, slammed them down into the earth, causing it to crack around them. As a final insult to injury, he lowered the Water Form to lay on top of the prostrate bodies, and froze it solid.

That done, he pitched forward and coughed up blood, Gotro's hammmer dealing more damage than he cared to admit.

I need to lay in fresh water for a bit, he thought to himself, but there was the task at hand. He sucked more water from the grass beneath his feet and formed it into a cast on his leg, keeping it ice solid and sturdy. He looked to Mary, and drew his sword again, twirling it in the air as it made a noise not unlike the wind of a stormy beach.

"Come feel the sting of my blade, Demon, if you feel brave." He smiled, the smile of a desperado.

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28Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 05, 2010 8:02 am

Kathleen could see that Medlock was hurt, but she could not do anything to help him but her sister could, looking around she could see that Gotor had the key, Telaporting over to him grabbing the key she telaported back to Keda, taking off her hand cuffs, pulling Keda to her feet Kathleen looked at the girl

"he needs help"
Kathleen readied her self for any more attacks by charging her hole body, if any one or anything toughed her they could get a nasty zap.
Keda nodded started to run over to the warlock that had come to save them, he was wounded a bit, she wondered how he was able to stand up after Gotro's hammer attack.

Once Keda had got to him she placed her hand on his shoulder, it did not matter where she placed it as her power allowed her to heal the hole body in one go.

"Thank you for helping us kind sir" Keda said as she looked up at him with a smile then over to the demon's she new they where going to not be all that happy about this so she placed up a physic shield around her and the warlock.

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Mary was anger and scared at the sametime. She run over to were her brother and sisters were trapped behind a sheet of ice.

She stood back as she saw her brother rises his hammer to break the ice. Shard's of ice shattered everywhere melting into the dirt below.

They all looked very cold from the whole thing but she know that it wouldn't last long as she turned to face the heartless warlock.

"Caster! Stop hurting my family you evil man!"

Demander was right all these element caster were evil just like he'd told her. They were all rotten to the core and heartless towards other life.

"Brother I don't want to be around such cold creatures. I don't want them to hurt you and my sisters anymore."

She casted a spell upon her brothers and sister that would port them back to Demanders castle. The spell didn't work on the caster so she couldn't follow them but a least her family were now safe. Also this spell only worked on people Demander allowed to portal into his castle, anyone else using it would end up in a bottomless pit. Which is why they hadn't just port the casters back to the castle with them eariler.

"Alright Warlock don't you dare come any closer!"

She held her fist's up to them, although she was a lot shorter then him.

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"Evil man? That's the pot calling the kettle black! Keeping human slaves, you hypocrite!"

He staggered, the pain in his leg almost knocking him out, and wrapped an arm around the supportive Keda. Grateful for her support, he stood upright again and pointed the blade he wielded at her.

"Nice teleportation spell, though if I were you I'd be casting it again on yourself. Wherever you sent your three feral kin might be the best place for you."

He suddenly held the blade parallel to himself on a horizontal position, and pulled a thick book from his pouch and flicked it open to a random page. He began to chant, and suddenly the blade began to glow with an inner light. Anyone could tell it would be bad for anyone caught by that blade, but what it would do to them, they would need to try his mettle and find out.

"Go home. Now." his voice quavered with inner anger just barely contained in his young body.

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Kathleen powered down a little as really there was only one of them and if she went to attack her Kathleen would just teleport away from the lone demoness, there was no way the demon could win, she was out numbered.

"Look Demon, you have no chance at winning... so why don't you just go away like a good little girl"
Kathleen was being a little cock although medlock did do all the work, she did know that but hay, she needed to put her to bobs in on the situation.

Keda stood next to the warlock as she look at Mary with her dark blue eyes Please go... I really don't want this to go on any longer Keda spoke into Mary mind as she looked at her hoping that the girl would leave and meet up with her brother and sisters.

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32Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:18 pm

Mary bite her lip as she put her fist's down and stepped back away from them all.

"Fine, have it your away rude warlock!"

She run away from them, though the trees and down to the watering hole she had find before. She sat down at the edge of the water hagging her feet in the cold water.

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33Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:48 pm

The threat now over and dealt with, Medlock's will broke. He collapsed, the ice on his leg melting back to water.

He yelped in pain as he landed on his back, the scorchmark still smarting. He dropped his sword and book, the sword losing its inner glow.

"Anyone got any healing skills, now would be a nice time!" he growled through clenched teeth.


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34Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 05, 2010 4:18 pm

Keda quickly moved as she knelt next to him and lent over him, she placed her hand on his leg, her hands started to glow a white, healing his wound on his leg as well as any other wound that he may have. Keda was thankful for him helping them. Healing like this would take a few minuet

"I thank you kind sir..." Keda said as she looked at him with her deep blue eyes, her black hair fell over her shoulder as she gave him a friendly smile

"My name is Keda"

Kathleen walked over and picked up his book and his sword, looking at the book, its pagers where blank, what good was this thing? it seemed to do the job to frighten off the demon child.

"I'm Kathleen and your name would be?" she asked as she took a set next to him with, leaning back on her hand as she looked at her sister.

"we shore showed them Demon's hay" Kathleen said as she looked at the nails on her left hand, truthfully she really did not know how much more of that she was able to take, teleporting like she was tiered her out and was starting to make her feel weak as well as that she was also charging her body up alot, she needed to rest
"No offense Kathleen... but he did seem to do all the work" Keda said as she looked at her sister whom was gloating for no reason, she new if it was not for Medlock they would not have escaped, Keda was not as affected as her sister although she put up her Physic shild it did not take any hit so she was fine. still concentrating on healing Medlock

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35Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:04 am

Savira walked though the thick forest trees on all fours in her white wolf form. To on lookers she would just look like a normal wolf in the wild. She hear noise's up a head as she walked towards the people talking. She peered though a strawberry brush a few feet form were the human's where chatting. Hiding in the brushes leaves she tried to stay unseen.

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36Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:37 pm

Medlock groaned as Kathleen worked her healing on him. But he returned the curtesy of the greeting.

"I am Medlock, of the Atlanteans. Well met, Kathleen and Keda."

The healing energy suddenly hit a nerve, and he spasmed. He kept himself from screaming, now allowing himself to scream and beg for mercy in front of others.

"I should.....I should be right now, thank you." He told her. He sat up, and felt a stabbing pain in his back. Remembering the scorch mark, he gritted his teeth and decided to ignore it until he found some freshwater in which he could soak in.

He stood up, then crouched down and picked up his sword. He limped a little, the job on his leg not quite finished, but he was determined to be self sufficient, self reliant.

"So, who were the demons? Why did they have you in chains? I can see you have some healing ability, Keda, but there are potions that can do that. What did they want with you?"

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37Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:37 am

Savira walked out of the brush staring at the humans. Her browny-lime green eyes fixed on them. She could smells demons in the air but these people didn't seem like demons and their had been a fight here.

Althought one of the female's did have a faint scent of demon within her. Was she a haft breed Savira wondered.

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38Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Thu Dec 09, 2010 2:18 pm

Medlock reacted in shock to the white wolf suddenly walking out of the bushes, twirling his blade to point at it.

It was an attractive creature, but was that the way it lured in prey?

Lack of experience on the surface world and some unfortunate encounters with badgers and skunks had taught him to be wary of furry creatures.

"Ok, nice creature....." he advanced on it, slowly, now totally ignoring Kathleen and Keda.

"Good furry thing, please don't blast me with obnoxious odours, it took days of soaking in steamy water to kill the smell."

He then produced a small paper bag from his pocket, and unwrapped it, revealing a small trout.

"Do you like fish?" he dangled the small fish in front of the wolf, hoping it wouldn't take his hand with it.

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39Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sat Dec 11, 2010 11:29 am

Kathleen looked at Medlock talking to the wolf as she razed her eye brow and then looked at her sister and waved her hand at Keda. She wondered why that creatuer still had wounds as her sisters healing gets rind of all wounds in one go.

"Lets get going"Kathleen said as she looked at her sister she ignoring Medlock's eraly question as she stared to walk, she was not going back to there home town seen as the demons would could to follow them there
Keda looked at the wolf and the Warlock, she did want to talk more to Medlock but when her sister said to come Keda would follow

"good bye... it was nice meeting you" Keda said as she followed her sister.[i]

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40Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:51 pm

Savira sniffed the fish hanging in front of face. She didn't really like fish but figured this creature couldn't be all bad this he was trying to offer her food.

She noticed the other humans had left the warlock alone which she find strange. Why would friends just leave each other in the middle of a forest.

Ingoring his offer of the fish she watched him closely as she returned to standing by the brush she had been hiding in before to munch on strawberries.

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41Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 12, 2010 1:25 pm

Medlock jerked back, in surprise at the refusal, but content knowing he would not have to give up a meal.

"Well, fuzzy, you have your own dietary choices, like me. I respect your choices."

Suddenly his back smarted, and he knew he would have to find some freshwater, but not now. He was tired, ripping the water from a tree being particularly exhausting.

He sat down on the grass, and bit into the raw fish, his Atlantean nature allowing him to consume fish fresh from the sea without the need to be cooked.

He pulled out his spell book, and flicked it open to a particular page about Atlantean physiology.

"The abilities of the typical Atlantean are wide and varied; the most basic ability of the Atlantean is the ability to breathe the water of his home.
However, this is not the only ability we have.
Atlanteans are also possessed of super strength, due to the pressures sustained by inhabitants of Atlantis under the ocean. Also every Atlantean can claim a spark of magical power, which can be harnessed and developed into the power of a warlock, however, this is only after years of practice and effort, developing the will and the spirit to the point of manifesting a change in the aether, and by definition, the world in which we live. The strain undergone by Atlanteans to develope this spark manifests itself in different ways: different focuses and talents among different warlocks. Many have developed a flair for teleportation, and also others a talent for creating portals to far distant lands, and yet even more specialize in the summoning of creatures from worlds beyond our own."

Medlock closed the book, in deep thought. His powers over water were unprecedented, even frightening, to the other Atlanteans. He could even create water from nothing, in Atlantis' Name! Although they hid their fear with the love and respect they had for him, Medlock could feel the fear they held for him.

Which I can understand, he thought. Power over water could paralyze the entire city. I could increase the pressure around the city, collapsing the forcefield protecting the city, and they would be crushed by the pressure, our ability to breathe water be damned. Or I could flood their lungs with water, and make it so they could not breathe out, thereby suffocating them. Not to mention his power to freeze water, he could make spikes and...

"No..." Medlock swore, vowing yet again to use his powers to glorify Atlantis, not destroy it.

His water control was so foreign to Atlantean thought and knowledge, he had poured over every book on magic Atlantis had. Rather than have to develope and harness this gift, it came to him naturally, as if he made to request to another and this other put in the effort for him. He knew it wasnt his own magical spark, he had developed his own to only be of medium power among the warlocks of Atlantis. His Water Gift, as he called it, was completely separate from the spark his people had written about.

He leaned back, and stared at the stars, lost in deep thought.

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Kathleen walked out of the bush, they did not really go that far, she made her way over to Medlock as she thin lent down as she looked at him.

"We found a Stream not to far in that detection"

Kathleen said as she looked at Medlock as she then sat down next to him, she did hear some of the things he said about his people

"So your an Atlantean... well we have heard about your people"

they had learnt from the elevens they had lived with, they where told about most of the world.
"So why did you leave to come up here?"
Keda followed behind Kathleen as she then walked over to wolf as she knelt down beside it and then pick off one of the strawberries and placed it in her mouth, as she then turned to the wolf, Keda has always had a way with animals as she could Kind of pick out on what they where feeling, in that same way she was bale to let them know she meant them no harm

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Savira could still smell demon on this young girl. Well she wasn't that much younger then Savira herself only by a year, since Savira was seventeen.

Savira wasn't about to let the girl start petting her but she could tell that the girl didn't want to harm her by the way she was acting towards her.

She walked pass Keda over to where Medlock and Kathleen were sitting down. Being noisey she stood in front of Medlock and looked down at his warlock book. She couldn't understand why you was reading a blank book.

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44Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:37 pm

Medlock smiled at Kathleen, and crawled to his feet.

"Eavesdropping, were you? Can't say I blame you. At least you have heard of the might of Atlantis.

I have come to the surface world because my powers over water are new and unnaturaly to my people. I am the first to have such a power. It is not even considered magic among my people, for I did not study long hours to gain it. I have come to the world of surface dwellers to find out where this Water Gift has come from, and possibly understand it."

Medlock looked down at the wolf seemingly studying the book, and chuckled, bending down to pick it up.

"Sorry, fuzzy, but even if you could read it, it is enchanted for my eyes alone. Not even other warlocks can read my spell book, nor monster nor demon."

He looked to Kathleen again and grinned.

"A River, you say? Can you show me?"

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45Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Dec 14, 2010 2:58 am

Keda stood up as she looked at Medlock with a smile as she walked over and put her hand on his arm, using her
Empathy she was able to cut off the pain that he was feeling from his wounds that he still had as she turned him to face where the Stream.

"I think thats I way the demons where chasing us, they where talking about Element casting" Keda looked at him as she then waited for her sister.

Kathleen Smiled back at Medlock as she then started to walk slowly as so he was able to catch up.

"Well the demons where going on about element casters and that is what they called us.. I also remember the little demon calling you that as well" she looked back at Medlock with her light Hazel eyes as she then looked over to Keda

"looks like you have the power over water, mine is Electric and I think Keda's is Physic"

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46Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Wed Dec 15, 2010 4:16 am

'Element Casters? Hmm...' Savira thought to herself as she listened to them talking. Bonding off after them as they headed towards the river she could hear the following water up ahead.

She had been born with the power over the element fire. Which had been very uncommon for wolves or elves to every have. She run ahead of them as she reached the waters edge. The water seemed very fast and ruff so she took a step back. She wasn't a very good swimmer.

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47Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Thu Dec 16, 2010 4:27 pm

Medlock's eyes swelled at the river, and he whooped in delight.

"YEEHAW! WATER!" He leapt in face first into the water, and for a few seconds nothing could be seen of him.

Suddenly he burst from the river, flipping in the air like a dolphin from the sea, before landing back into the fiver with a splash.

A few minutes of this, and Medlock came back to shore, dripping wet.

"Sorry I forgot about you for a moment, it's just I feel most at home in water."

Onlookers would be able to see the scorchmark on his back had healed tremendously, and he seemed to walk easier.
He looked to himself, and noticed he was still wet. He waved his hands over himself and suddenly all the water drained from his clothes and hair, and he cast the water back into the river.

"Waste not, want not. Now then: You said you have the power of lightning and you have psychic abilities. Would you mind if I asked for a demonstration?"

He then looked at the wolf, who seemed nervous of the water. He eyed the creature with curiosity. Was that fear in its eyes?

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48Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Fri Dec 17, 2010 4:40 am

She moved further away from the fast running water. Drowning wasn't on the top of her list of things to do this evening. She stared at the warlock as if he was the strangest creature she'd even meet bonding around in the water like he had. She didn't really know what to do but watch she wasn't about to transform naked and flash off her fire casting powers to these strangers and yet something inside her begged her to stay here with them, a feeling deep down.

She laid down under a shady tree far away from the waters edge watching the humanoid's chit chat to each other.

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49Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:35 am

Kathleen looked at Medlock with a razed eye brow and then took a step back from him, he acted like a crazy man in the water, where all Atlantis this strange when it came to water?

Okay she had power over Electricity but she was not as skilled as he was with his power over water, it was harder for her as the human blood in her was non magical and her Angle blood was, she seemed to struggle with it a bit, she has managed to master conducting it in her own body and into metallic objects as well as shooting it from her hands she could also well focusing to see the Electrical volts that the brain lets off to guess what moves her enemies where going to make but other then that she was still practicing.

"Maybe a little latter she said as she looked at him with a smile, I just want to rest at the moment"

Keda looked at Medlock with a smile as she then looked over to her sister, she could tell that she was a little uneasy with how well he could control his element, Keda was the same as Medlock she had grate control over her even to the point that she could redrect magical such as fire ball or things like that away from her, Power sensing, Ability to sense or recognize Elemental powers. Empathy Ability to read or sense the emotions and/or control the emotions or feelings of others. Precognition Ability to perceive the future. It may be expressed in vague dreams while asleep, other times it can be clear and can occur at will. It may also be used as a form of "danger sense" to show the Keda that they are being threatened and from what direction it is coming from. Telepathy Ability to read the thoughts of, or to mentally communicate with others. Telekinesis the ability to control and move objects with their mind. Psychic Shielding the ability to block 10 magical attacks, 10 physical attack or 5 of each.

she still has to learn a lot more but she is doing well but that was because both the blood lines in her where highly magical.

'Please don't hassle my sister about this, she is a little unprofitable that she dose not have that much control over her element' her voice spoke into Medlocks mind, all he could have to do is think what he wanted to say to her and she would hear it, she had put up a physic link between them.

her head turned to look over to the wold laying down she could feel fire coming from it but did not know why

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50Jazra Village - Page 2 Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:57 am

"Well then, that's OK, Kathleen. If you're tired then we'll do it later." Medlock replied, eyeing Keda suspiciously. Telepathy was not trusted among Atlanteans.

Fine, but you have some explaining to do in regarding your powers, he thought back to her, knowing she could hear him.

"In that case, shall we set up camp? I'm not so sure it would be safe for you to return home as of yet. If those demons return, they may start hurting people you care about to claim you again."

He looked back to the wolf watching them, and felt a prickle of suspicion on his neck. Atlanteans considered it bad luck for an animal to follow them, especially warriors. An inopportune yelp or cry while trying to be stealthy would give them away. But who believed in those superstitions anyway?

Still, he eyes the wolf with some nervousness as he sat down and gathered some twigs to begin a fire, beginning to rub two of them together in an effort to start a fire.

"Did you guys wanna help start a fire, or leave me to do it all?"

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