Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Jazra Village

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1Jazra Village Empty Jazra Village on Mon Nov 29, 2010 9:17 am

Gotro and his sisters stormed into the peaceful little village. They been order by their demon lord to destory the Jazra and the people within.

He held his hand out towards a tree as his hand begin to glow bright green the tree de-rooted forming into a living tree creature. He hadn't been born with these powers to control the earth that had just came to him one night well under the serves of Demander.

It was a night he'd never forgetten Demander had killed his wife Luna and then suddenly these powers had come to him. He didn't let Demander know about it. He claimed he'd always had these gifts to his lord.

For he had an arching feeling that these powers were apart of Luna's. Why would she choose him to share her powers with.

His job was to seek out the blessed childern that had be given luna's powers on that night so long ago. If only Demander know, Gotro wasn't shore what he'd do to him. Maybe nothing, the lord could just be happy that Gotro was on his side and not fighting a against him.

His sisters attacked the villagers.

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2Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:03 pm


Running out of her tree house, leaning up agents the rail she looked out over the destruction that was being coursed by what seemed like demons, her light Hazel eyes looked over to the three children that where attacking the village she could tell they are not normal.

Running back inside she grabbed her axe then headed down to the ground. she took after the twelve year old, channeling her electrical power into her axe, volts of of electricity arched off

Kathleen was hoping that her sister was alright as she was down the road at the market grabbing a few things for there dinner, she could see her having some trouble fighting creatures that looked so young

"What do you what here Demon!" Kathleen said in a cold stern voice as she looked at Elizabeth. She was going to let the Demon make the fist move. she was ready for the girl, it bothered her a little about having to fight a demon that looked like a child but it could not be helped

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3Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Mon Nov 29, 2010 2:15 pm


Screams came from the streets as a few humans and elven people ran past the indoors markets, worry started to eat at her as she then made her way out side to see the Goat Demon and the large tree he was commanding.

Oh No Keda looked over to him as she then started to make her way over if she could only talk to him maybe she would be able to stop him, or find out what it was he wanted. she noticed some children where with him and destroying the town as well

"Excuse me, Sir, why are you doing that?" Keda's Dark blue eyes looked over to the Goat Demon. as she made her way to stand two meters away from him She had Her Mothers Enchanted flute on her belt and was hoping that she would not have to use it, but she would if it came to it.

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4Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:29 am

Elizabeth stared at the lightening that streamed though the woman's axe with great interest. Could it truly be this easy after all these years of searching for the blessed children. She remembered the stories her brother would tell her upon bedtime about how their lord seek to rid the world of these creatures that dared to stand against him so it was written in the last words of Luna. That one day seven warrior's would stand against him and bring him to justice.

"A lightening caster brother!"

She shouted to him knowing this was big news. Anyone that showed signs of the seven elements was put to death by their lord and master. It was her swore oath upon birth to bring this element wielder to justice for daring to think herself better then the rightful king to these lands.

Gotro cast an eye to his sister though for the moment he was interested in this young female that dared to speak to him. He control the tree to pick keda up in it arms by her feet so she was now hang opposite down facing him.

"little girl do you know this lightening caster?"

He didn't realizes that this young girl before him was the lord's outcast daughter. She looked so different now from the day her mother had die.

Mary another of his sisters the middle child looking the human age of five. Shoot behind Kathleen shooting her in the back with an dark energy ball.

"Your under arrest caster."

Annabelle his youngest little sister looking the human age of four run her horns into Kathleen stomach which would course Kathleen to fall back.

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5Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:37 am

Telaporting from the ground where she was onto the to behind Mary as she then hit her concentrating some electricity in her fist so the girl would get Zapped as well, as she hit the girl in the stomach it threw her back, a few feet as she had super strength, it would have hurt a bit at the same time.

"under arrest? for what Demon?" Kathleen asked as she then held her stomach as she did have some cuts from the horns, it was not to bad though. This was not that good at all looking over she saw that Keda was being held by the oldest if the Demons.

"Keda... Fight back!!!" knowing all to well her sister would not really what to do such a thing but she would have to.

"That is my sister! Please stop this" Keda said as she Look at the Goat Demon with her dark blue eyes as she then struggled a little, but could not brake free from the tree. Focusing on the part of tree that was holding her she used her Telekinesis to brake it, enough for it to lose grip, falling down she then landed on the ground, on her hands and knees as she looked up at the goat demon.

"Please tell my why you are going this!" standing to her feet as she looked at him. she was told so many times she looked just like her mother but instead of having blond hair she had black

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6Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:54 pm

"I am to arrest all that bore element powers. As my lord wishes I obey."

Gotro spoke with great wisdom in his voice and honor to his lord. He didn't understand why this creature wouldn't fight him. Though he did respected her fight for peace, a peace this own races had once enjoyed so many centuries ago.

"Peace can't be had young child. War comes knocking on all are doors at some point and you must choose a side to fight for."

He didn't see the need to hit her or harm her. She wasn't running away from him.

"Give me the element casters and I well spare your village and its people."

Mary growled in pain as she looked to her elder sister for help. Annabelle sunk her teeth into Kathleen's arm as Elizabeth throw another four energy balls at the caster.

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7Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:11 pm

groaning in pain as the demon bit her she then Telaported way from the four energy balls as so they did not hit her coming up next to Keda, she Zapped the girl on her arm to make her let go as she then Grabbed Keda putting her over her shoulder.

"Give you the element casters... if you want us... come and get us" Kathleen then started to run from him, she was rather quick even if she was injured.

After her sister had pick her up and flung her over her shoulder Keda looked back at the Demon as she knew they most probably would give chase. I'm really sorry Keda spoke into Gotro's mind as she looked at him.

her attention then came to her sister and her wounds, placing both her hands on Kathleen she used her healing power to help her recover, and seen as she did so Kathleen was then able to run faster. they had made it out of the village.

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8Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:29 pm

"Brother, they're getting away! Why are you just standing their?" Mary uttered as she give chase after the casters.

"Mary, Elizabeth, Annabelle stop! Trust me they well not go far from the people they love." Gotro summoned five more trees to life as the huge monster ripped though houses and brought the village to ruin. His sister rounded up the village's into the town centre and grabbed wood from the destroyed homes to make a bomb fire.

"Oo... its barbecue elves and humans tonight!" Annabelle said with such enjoy in her voice like a little child playing with her toys.

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9Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:52 pm

"Stop" Keda demanded to her sister, she could tell there was something the matter, They had given her no choice, Keda was going to have to fight to protect the villages. she could not let them die as they run.
Transforming as so she had her angel wings Keda few back into the village.

It was not long before she came across the town center, using her physic power to pick up one of the trees monsters and threw it into one of the other once leaving a crumbed and cracked pile of wood

"Leave them be" Keda said down to the demon's as she hovered above over ten meters above there heads

Run after her sister only to see what the demons where doing to the town. She really thought they where going to follow her but she was glade Keda made her come back.
"Oh Brats... Don't you take one more step closer to the people of this village or I'll have you head" Kathleen was fully healed up and no longer wounded, channeling electricity all over her body, so if any one came with in 1 meter it would ark of her and zap them

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10Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:11 pm

Gotro growled deep in the back of this throat after hearing Kathleen's threat against his sister. He rise both hands summoning his power he coursed the earth open under the lightening casters feet. The earth cracked farther, a large crack making its way to the village as well. Soon the earth would also open beneath them and swallow them whole into the depth of the soil.

He pulled his sister Mary out the way as the earth shock beneath her feet as well. He would protected his sisters with his live whatever it took. Thick thorny veins shoot out of the earth coursing even more whole around the tiny village. The veins shoot up latching onto keda's wings trying to drag her down into the soil to be food for the plants.

"If you wont come with me then you and the village we all die. You shell return to soil from where you once came."

Annabelle stood beside her brother hugging him and holding on tight so she wouldn't fall over with all the earth shocking that was taking place around them.

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11Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:32 pm

Falling over as the ground shook all over the place she hit her had and became knocked out.

Keda struggled agents the vines as she broke free, she looked at her sister on the ground out cold and the villager running for there lives, she moved her hand to Her Mothers Enchanted flute and began to play, the song of slumber, all of the village's as well as the demon's instantly fell asleep stopping Gotro's earth attack.

Using her Physic power she lifted the Demon and his sister's as well as her sister and then moved then over 200km away from the town into the mounters to the north all the time playing her flute, placing them down she then stood there standing over her sister she cast a invisible shield around Kathleen and her self then stopped playing Her Mothers Enchanted flute at this time the demons would start to wake up. She only wished to talk to them.

"If we go with you... you will leave Jazra Village and the people alone and never come back to harm them?"

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12Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:49 pm

"If you come with us this can be done but if you try to run or escape or fight against us we well destroy Jazra there no doubt of that."

He always kept his world no matter what. He held sliver handcuffs one for each of them which would block their powers.

"If you truly wish to save these people handcuff yourselves."

"You did it brother we got them!" Annabelle said with great glee in the sound of her deep demon voice.

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13Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Tue Nov 30, 2010 4:03 pm

Keda could not really see another way to do this, she had to go with them or the human and elven people of the village would suffer, and she could not let that happen to then, taking down the shield Keda used her power to get one of the hand cuff over to her as she then put them on, she was willing to go peacefully with the Older goat demon as she could see he was telling the truth.
"you will have no struggle from me"

At this time Kathleen came to, she stood to see her sister in cuff. she was Crazy no way would demon's keep there words
"Don't believe them, Demon's are fowl creatures that should not be aloud to take a breath..." Kathleen snapped her words as she looked at them her eyes full with hatred no way was she going to put the cuffs on for these beasts

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14Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:23 pm

"Demons should all die is that truly what you believe? Then I fear you have a very little veiw of the world around you child."

He believed his people as much as hers had a right to these lands. That all creatures had the right to breathe.

"I do as I must. As you should also do as you should."

Moving closer to Kathleen he held the hand cuffs out to her.

"You're to young to understand I suppose but one day you'll see the world the way I do."

Mary stood beside Keda looking up at her with wonder in her eyes.

"What's it like in your world?"

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15Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Wed Dec 01, 2010 3:53 pm

Kathleen looked at the demon, she was not going to cuff herself for him, she hated demons with a passion but it was Demanders fault for all of her hate. Gotro just got it because of him being a demon.

"please.. your Lord, killed our mother and father, I'm not going to just walk into his castle chained up" How dear they walk into the village and threaten every one there then just expect her to go with them.
Keda moved her deep blue eyes to look down onto Mary as She then gave the child looking demon as soft smile. it was not like she was nieave nor was she dumb she new what was going on, she did not wish to fight Gotro as he was just doing what he could to protect the once he love, better under the dragons wing then in its mouth.
"It's very gray..." Keda said as she looked up to Gotro. Turning her head she looked at Kathleen
"Please Kathleen.. they will kill every one if you don't"
Kathleen sighted as she then grabbed to hand cuff's.
"I'm doing this for them and her... NOT you, so don't think you can boss me around!"

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16Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:47 am

"If I were you I would learn to slience myself before making it to the great demon lords castle. He isn't fond of people that don't do as he wishes them to do."

Annabelle walked beside Kathleen as she spoke to her.

Mary nodded to Keda, she understood. She'd been a alive longer then the young girl anyways even if she looked younger then the caster.

"Your mother was Luna?"

She asked Kathleen as she looked over to her unhappy face. She figured these were Luna's children since they shared her powers.

Elizabeth goan at all the pointless chit chat.

"Casters! Were are the others! Tell me where the other casters are now."

She shouted to both of them. She didn't know that they hadn't meet them yet and had probably just giving away information to the enemy that other like them were out there waiting to be found.

Gotro walked at the front leading the way and looking out for enemies around them.

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17Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:33 am

Kathleen Looked down at Annabelle, the child had a point but really there was nothing stopping Demander from killing her when they got to his Castle as she was only Luna's blood and not his.

"Yes she was and Demander killed her and my father Karan" Kathleen looked at Mary as she then looked to the side.

"She was Keda's mother as well but I don't know her father as she was two when Mum came back here with her" Kathleen spoke that a little more quietly as she did not really what Keda to hear it all that much. Kathleen turned her had to look at Elizabeth but did not answer the demon child.
Keda turned to look over to Elizabeth as her eyes looked down to the ground, she had not left the village nor did she know where she had the powers from, unlike her sister she had then from a young age and was born with them well her healing power and the ability to fly that was, she also what born with premonitions but she had not control over what she saw.

"Sorry but we have never left Jazra Village so we don't know where the others are"

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18Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:00 pm

"It is a long walk to the outlands and night is nearly upon us. We shell make camp here."

He ordered as his sisters stopped in their trackers.

Mary collected firewood from around the forest and pilled it in the middle of the clearing. She sat by the wood as she rubbed to sticks together trying to start a fire.

Annabella found a near by watering hole. She had nothing on her to fill with water they rarely carried anything with them. They just lived off the land wile they were out here. She placed her hands in the water, scooping some up in her hands to drink.

Elizabeth stood watch over Keda and Kathleen. Someone had to be smart. She didn't trust the casters at all and didn't trust them not to run away.

Mary's fire roared to life. Warm heat rose from the fire keeping them all warm.

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19Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:24 pm

Kathleen sat there looking at the annoying girl that was looking over them Brat she thought to herself that she then looked around her, she thought she this part of the forest was formiler but said nothing. The fire was nice and warm om her face as she then held out her hands to it

"So why do you serve that Demon?" She was just asking as she was rather board, not like she could do anything.

Keda looked around for a little bit as a worried look came over her face, she realized where they were, in the Huia forest, this land was territory of the Yuik beast, black skin as hard as rock no weapon or magic could break, possessions gas and aids comes from its mouth as well as it breathed fire.

"Excuse me... I down think we should say hear" No one out side her village know of the beast as every one think this land as sacred so most people don't go on it but its just a story they use so on one walks into the land of the beast. Non of them would be able to harm it.

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20Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:41 pm

Annabella cocked her head at Kathleen's words as she poked the raging flames with a stick.

"Huh? You mean Gotro? He is my brother so of course I follow him, silly little girl."

She laughed at the lightening caster.

Mary returned from the watering hole looking to Keda and Kathleen.

"Do you creatures need water?"

She asked them. She was going to walk with them to the watering hole so that they could get a refreshment.

Gotro moaned at Keda's know it all speech. This lord would probably rip the girls tongue out, just to shout her up.

"Shh... slience now. The forest is sleeping and so shell you young child."

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21Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:56 pm

Kathleen looked at the kid and then sighed. "Not your brother Demander" She said looking at Annabella then to the side, man some people are hopeless. There was no way she was going to sleep on the land of the Yuik beast as it was real, it was said that even Demander was not able to kill the beast nor did the beast serve anyone or anything.

Keda looked at the demon as she then lay down and sighted she turned her back to him, nor was she going to sleep in this place. Not that she needed to sleep, she was not like her sister and could go days with out sleep, it did not change her reaction time at all. Looked into the bushes with her deep blue eyes it was silent with just the sound of crickets.

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22Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Fri Dec 03, 2010 1:45 pm

Elizabeth frowned at Kathleen, she'd never meet such a rude creature in all her live. That young girl truly had a rotten mouth on her.

"Don't you speak to my sister that way. Hold your tongue."

Annabella fell silent after Kathleen had growled at her. They were all older then the casters but they were still consided children in their own race. She had never even know the peace her race had once had. She and her sisters had been born under the rule of Demander.

The demon lord and their brother were both like fathers to them. Role models to look up to and learn from.

Their really was no line in the sand that choose between good and evil. For in everyones point of veiw they were all good and all just to their one true course. Evil and good were just labels people use.

Was the world saying she was evil for the fact she was born into a world of demons? Who a long the lines of history decided that demons were all dark evil creatures? She'd been marked with this curse since brith no one give her a chance to voice her side.

She frought for her family just like any other creature would nobly do.

Mary assumed they weren't thristy since they choose not to even answer her. She sat down next to her baby sister taking in the warmth of the fire. She wrapped her arm around her sister Annabelle, embracing her in a hug.

Gotro leaned against a near by tree watching Kathleen and Keda. It wasn't like he wished this upon them but orders where orders after all.

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23Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:12 pm

Kathleen moved her eyes to look over to the demon that spoke to her, she pulled a very un impressed look as the then snapped "Hold my tongue! you hold your forked snake tongue you awful creature, the poison you are speaking is making me feel sick" Kathleen said as she looked at Elizabeth with hatred. Elizabeth's words just seemed to anger her more and fire her up.
"it bad enough that I have to be close to your wretched creatures smell but to put having to put up with your words as well... just ma---" Kathleen passed out and fell a asleep.
At the time that Kathleen was abusing there captives Keda had sad up, moved her deep blue eyes to look at Kathleen with a very unimpressed look, placing her hands together she then chanted softly and opened her hand as she did some powder like mist flouted over to Kathleen making her fall and sleep and shutting her up before she angered them all. This was a spell so the cuff's could not stop it. Keda then lay back down looking at the bushes one more

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24Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sat Dec 04, 2010 10:34 am

Medlock watched the events unfold in silence.

Demons....rotten wretched things.

He hadn't been on the surface world for very long, but he had come to the insurmountable conclusion that demons were a vile and evil race. Sure, there may be exceptions to the rule, but on the whole....

Medlock shook his head, erasing these thoughts from his mind. There was the task at hand, no need to cloud it with second guesses.

He looked about, and obviously couldn't find a natural water source nearby.

Looks like I'll need to improvise, Medlock thought to himself. He rested his hand against a tree for support, but then jerked his hand back in surprise. He then placed his ear against the tree bark, and smiled.

Of course, water lives in all living things. why not the plant life as well?

He stood back and concentrated. His hands outstretched, he beckoned the water forth from the tree.

With a loud snap, the tree imploded, the water gushing toward him and forming a huge orb above him.

"Damn!" he snarled under his breath, the implosion sound probably getting their attention. With a moment's concentration, thin tentacles of water streaked out skyward, and with a flick, sent shards of ice raining down like javelins at the demons!

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25Jazra Village Empty Re: Jazra Village on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:03 am

Gotro turned instantly when he had heard the tree breaking into shards on the forest floor. He was very closes to natural and the life of the forests. As wile as all the other lands around them because of his earth magic. He felt the trees life force slowly slipping away and dieing. It aggrieved him that someone would hurt the forest with out a care in the world.

His yellow demon eyes spotted the fend in the woods with some sort of water octopus floating above his head. The creature seemed human but a very odd one at that and seemed to have caster powers. He was starting to think if he kept some of the element casters with him the other would be drawn to them and then he could finely catch them all for his lord.

He run towards the human with his heavy hammer in hand and swag it at his foe. Into Medlock's stomach. He held out his other hand to the dieing tree beside them. As his hand begin to glow a limy green colour. The energy flowed from his body into the stump of the tree. As the green light touched the stump new growth begin to sprout from the middle of the tree. In seconds the stump was surround in new leafs restoring the plants once stolen life. It would take years for the tree to return to its full glory but it least for now it would live another day.

Annabelle run towards her brother to aid him in combat. She latched onto the warlocks left leg biting down as hard as she could drawing blood from him.

Mary stood beside Keda wondering if the casters know this other element user. Had he come to rescue them?

Elizabeth growled as she run into battle as wile leaving Mary to watch over the prisoners. She came at Medlock from the other side shooting him in the back with a dark energy ball.

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