Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Passing Shadows

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Passing Shadow is the go to town for all types of creatures. It is a large trading town back against a sea, were boat come in all the time with new trade.

The towns main areas is the docks, nightclubs, bars, local traders market, houses and Inn's.

Though be warned the town is an area for all creatures big and small but their is also slave trading here. So step lightly as not to run into the wrong crowd of people.

Tales of passing Shadows

Salvadors Story

Visiting Passing Shadow, the town on which they decided to live in after staying their for a wile, it had great trade and friendly people. On the night the circus came to town the brothers planned to rob the tents, entering a large colourful top-tent walked around looking for food and jewellery, though to his a mazement he found a young beautiful teenager within a sliver bared cage. Himself being a lady’s man couldn’t help but notices her loveliness, breaking open the cage to free her and to take her away from this horrible freak show. Before the circus fork could stop them they blotted out of the tent with the girl and other goodies.

Setting-up camp within the woods out side of town, he watched the lady for sometime before falling a sleep, she remembered him of someone but who he thought as he dreamed. Awaking early within the morning to see the young madden missing, at first he worried that the men from the circus had kidnapped her back from them, but then he find a letter written within elfish stating her story and a thank you of a white roses, as pale as her flesh he thought a lovely remember. He’d only just meet the girl, but who know that somewhere he’d seen her before and had an undying crush when it came to her.

Scott's Story

Moving to a huge town called Pasing Shadows, the brothers heisted many things, one night a circus came to town and that was something very new to them. He’d gone to checkout the events at first instill his brother had suggested stealing from the fork of the circus, like a little devil himself he went along with his brothers plans. Stealing gems, necklaces, gold coins, some food –his brother even took an act. A young girl trapped by the hands of the circus their were her savours, he’d only meet her at the last minute wile running out of the tent before the men court them back there.

Savira's Story

For five long hard years she lived with the circus in a cage, performing acts for on looks, one night in the crowed was the demon that had took her mother it was a face she would never forget and with him was a young child around thirteen a year younger then her at the time. He’d hear tales of her being still alive and yet he hadn’t come to kill her but torment her. She learned that night that the demons name was Demander, that her mother was still a live though locked away in his dungeons, he told her that he would let her mother free if she joined him and that her mother would of wanted it that way, she refused him knowing her mother would never put her in danger like that and swear that she would kill him, and save her mother if it was the last thing she did! The thirteen year old teen watched them talking as she hugged her large purple bear to her chest, she acted young for her age.

When the circus went to an large town called Pasing Shadows to perform, a gang of thieves robbed the tents, one of them stopped in front of her cage and noted her elfish ears, he was haft human haft elfish and didn’t care that she looked like a cross-breed. As he cut the bolt on her cage, he said ‘What’s a lovely lady like you doing in a place like this?’ Grabbing her hand. His twin brother, her and him escaped out of the tent from the back. She didn’t even know his name, though she didn’t want to stay here so she went with them and as they reached the edge of the town she offered her thanks, though she couldn’t stay here with them. So in the night she sneak away from their camp site.

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