Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Howling Falls

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1Howling Falls Empty Howling Falls on Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:45 pm


Howling Falls is a forest the spains for miles surronding the village of Volcana in its depths. Within the forest is a village called Zorganic were Princess Savira and her werewolf pack live.

After the princess was abandoned by her father, as a young child she hadn’t understood it at the time and tried many time to return to the village of Volcana.

Living with her mother for another five years making her the age of nine. They lived in a Werewolf village ruled by her mother called Zorganic Village within the depth of a valley filled with tress and a beautiful water fall.

The valley was called Howling Falls. The town was mostly made of bamboo huts, underground dens, some basic shops, a fames bar called Moonshine owned by a bitten werewolf named Perry Blazes one of Savira’s closes friends as she was growing-up.

Growing-up with elder wolf cub’s her twin friends Leah and Michael –blood wolves. Perry blazes an bitten-wolf, Master Blade Moonlight an bitten-wolf and the children’s guardian. Dusty an elder blood-wolf the village’s shaman and the puppies babysitter as well as Savira’s father figure, all the cub’s and people of the village looked to Dusty for guidance.

One dark night, one which would never be forgotten by Savira and the other wolves.

It was the middle of winter, rain pouring down, a chill in the air as the first snow drop of the season fell to the ground.

Scooped from her bed by her mother, louder thunderous noises ringing in her ears, she could hear crying and shouting. Within her mother’s strong arms they left their bamboo hut, her innocent eyes saw the demons chasing her friends, shouting out to them was her first mistake, the demons turned to see them, with creepy smirks planted across their faces they attacked the Alpha wolf of the pack, Savira’s mother.

Her mother fought bravely, Savira tried to fend them off as well but their were to many, before a demon could grab the young princess her mother pulled out her whip and lashed out at the monster, giving Savira time to runaway as her mother had told her to.

Just for a second she had turned her head to look back and saw her mother being taken away by a dark scary tall demon. She wanted to shout out mummy, but Dusty covered her mouth so that the demons wouldn’t come back for her.

Now that the Queen had been kidnapped by the demon lord Dememder, Savira Drahowl was rightful Alpha of the pack. By birth right.

The next morning she awake to the sounds of people rebuilding, putting out fires, shouting out things about who was missing. She walked out of Dusty’s den calling for her mother, searching for her, know one had the heart to tell her that her mother had been taken and could of been killed.

Returning to where she’d last been with her mother she saw her mum’s weapon, picking-up the whip, it was large in her hands, she hugged it to her chest as tears welled in her eyes. Dusty placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, though she shock him off and run away from him. She was to upset to talk to any of them, she left the village and heading to see her father.

She could track him with her wolfish gifts, after three days she reached the village of Volcana.

She seeked the comfort of her fathers arms. Though once he saw her he called this guards. Staying a feather five days and nights in their dungeon, when her father came to visit her just once all he could say was you ruined everything! Still being a child she reached out to him through the bars, only wanting to be held, to be loved.

Another seven days later curled-up in a ball in a dark corner of the ceil, starving and weak her father came again. After all he had done to her she still smiled at him and walked to him. If not the lowest thing in the world, her father was planning on selling her to a circus.

The money would pay for her keep and get her faraway from him. Once let out of the ceil she run to her father and hugged him tightly, he kicked her away, hitting the wall hard. The two men from the circus grabbed her; she fought against them, suddenly her hands heated-up the men dropped her.

Her powers had awakened, a fire ball hovering above her hand it scared her slightly as she shock to get rid of it and ended-up setting the building on fire. Scared by her own powers and the men she bolted out of the building onto the streets.

The fire spread, everyone in the village fought to put out the fire and forgot about her for the meantime.

Falling asleep in the streets in a box, when she awake she find her father and like a stupid child run-up to him. Hugging him, she looked-up at him with scared teary eyes and keep saying ‘I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to.’ From behind came the men from the circus and bagged her in a sack, like a wild animal she fought to free herself as they paid her father, she called out to him, ‘Daddy…?’ in an afraid voice.

Read Savira's Profile for more details and for what happens next, after these events.

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2Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Thu Dec 02, 2010 2:47 pm

Savira walks with Jacouse. Her grazes switching to the following waterfall that marked the beginning of her village. A cross the field of grass stood a large town maked up of bamboo huts and underground dens.

"You are welcome to reside at the Moonshine bar. Perry well have a room for you. "

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"I have not the choose in the matter.. If i could live of food as you do i would, but i cannot" Jacouse moved his head to look as Savira as he then looked over to the village, it was just like Lilly had told him, but the pack concept of these creatures always confused him, for his kind it was always solitude if you could not do it for your self no one would help you.

"Thank you Lady Savira" he said as he then started to walk towards the village.

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4Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:21 pm

She walked though field of flowers to the edge of the village were she was greeted by beta wolf Leah and her twin brother Michael.

"Savira you've returned. Not much has changed in the village. I have tried my best to keep Blade under control but you know how he can be."

Leah's long blond hair run down her back with a rainbow head band holding her locks out of her face. She wore a bright tie dyed t-shirt and shorts rainbow colours like her banded. She had bare dirty feet hardly any of the wolves wore shoe's. Her soft blue eyes looked to her brother with a kind smile upon her face.

"Fullmoon is in two days. You are the last wolf to return my princess."

Michael greeted her with a warm hearted welcome home. He was a soldier within the pack, it was this role to protect the Aphla and the rest of the pack from harm. His short blond hair was in a ruffly cut style and he had the same blue eyes as his sister. He wore chained metal amour, with metal over the top like a knight. A code of arms on his front and back chest plate of a white wolf.

"Thanks you, I am gladed to be home once more."

Savira was happy to finely be home with her family.

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5Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:32 pm

Jacouse followed savira and stood behind her wile all that was going on he watched them all buzzing around Savira, well this was different, Demon's never do anything like this, he looked over the twin, he really was trying not to look frightening but he was a demon, sometimes it could not be help.

"Lady Savira, I'm sorry but witch way to Moonshine bar?" Jacouse asked in his deep smooth voice, she was busy he could see that.

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6Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:53 pm

"O'right, I'll take you there. Follow me. "

She walked with all three of them towards the Moonshine bar run by Perry Blazes. In the center of town the bar pretty much was.

Michael held open the day for the ladys to walk into the bar and then walked in expecting the demon to just follow him inside.

Perry looked up from the bar. The red head run from the other side of the bar up to them as she swore Savira with them. Embracing her long time friend in a hug.

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7Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Thu Dec 02, 2010 4:06 pm

Jacouse followed them inside as he did he saw perry running over to hug Savira, okay this was to much, really he just wanted to go rest in a room, all this stuff was starting to make him feel sick.

Jacouse was a Lord of the Demons out side of the castle, demons that stood agents Demanders seen as he was the strongest out, well other then Demander him self.

Now he could see the rank of all this Michael was a soldier so Jacouse would have to show respect to him, this he did not like but would do as he did not want to kick up a fuss

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8Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:18 am

"Its good to see you again Perry. "

Savira looked over to Jacouse realizing he'd had enough of the whole family together-ness crap. She couldn't help but laugh softly at him. She smiled at her friends as they return to hanging out at the bar were Perry served them free drinks.

"Jacouse let me show you to your room. "

She lead him up a flit of stairs to the second level. Perry's room was right down the end of the hallway and Blade's room was beside herselfs. Perry allowed mostly anyone to stay here if they wanted to it didn't really bother her as long as they didn't try to harm anyone else that is.

Their were two other rooms she lead him into the frist one at the top of the staircase. Their was a large king sizes bed in side with two set on draws on each side. A walk in robe and his own bedroom off to the side in another little room. There was a lot of wolf pictures on the walls of people in the pack.

"I hope this is alright for a demon to stay in."

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9Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:11 am

"Yes that is fine" Jacouse walked into the room as he then moved his hand, webs came from them and spreed out.

Climbing up onto the web, that was the way that he slept. his head turned to look over to savira as he then smiled

"so are they your family of just close friends?" Jacouse asked as he looked at wolf pictures around on the wall, man they must really like wolfs a lot, it was like they where trying to force it down everyone's throats Give me snakes spiders and any other poisoness creature any day Jacouse thought to himself as he looked around

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10Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Sun Dec 05, 2010 10:51 am

"These people aren't all my blood, well hardily any of them are but we are family by choose. We are all one wolf pack and that makes as all family. You see."

She looked up on the wall of a picture of a large white wolf with a white wolf cub playing at her feet in the snow. These pictures were all paintings and not a photo since their aren't camera's in this realm. They were all painted by Dusty the packs shamman.

"That painting there is a picture of my mother and me as a cub."

She looked back to him with a smile.

"Do you have any family?"

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11Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:39 pm

(OOC: the pic of the pink hair guy as basicly what Jacouse looks like k)
Jacouse could see Savira had a fondness for the paintings so he did not say anything about them so he did not upset her, as she asked him about his family he was a little hesitant to answer as she did not want her to know who they where.

"Yes, I have a mother... my father is dead, my uncle killed him... I think I also have a cousin so were" Jacouse said bluntly as not to give her to much information, but so he was not being rude to her.

"Our family life is a little bit different from the family life you have here"

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12Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:14 pm

"Well I'll leave you in peace, so that you many rest. "

She smiled as she walked out of the bedroom and shout the wooden door on her way out. Walking down the staircase she sat down at the bar with her friends and grabbed a drink, a lemon lime and bitters.

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Jacouse closed his eyes as he then fell into what seemed like a sleeping state but it was nor of a meditating one, he was still alert about what was going on. This was the way he had to learn how to sleep with all the people he head around him if he didn't he could have been dead already.

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14Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Mon Dec 06, 2010 2:53 am

A few hours past wile the demon had been up in his room sleeping. Savira told her friends she was going to go out again, she loved being in the wild.

"Savira its only a day and a haft till fullmoon."

Michael reminded her, under the light of the fullmoon all werewolves trasformed into a full on blood thristy wolf.

"I don't know why but I feel so drawn to the wild this last week as if something is going to happen."

She told them leaving out the part were Dusty had told her that she would very soon meet some people that would change her life for ever. Though he'd never told her if these people were good or bad.

She said goodbye to all her friends leaving them in the bar. She also left the demons cloak on one of the bar chairs as she trasformed back into a white wolf. Leah opened the wooden door for her and she bolted out of the bar heading for the waterfall at the edge of her land.

She walked on for awile though the howling falls forest pasting Volcana village and entering another thick forest she didn't know the name of.

(OOC:- Savira is now broad jumping.)

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15Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:14 am

((OOC: So Savira is gone but, can you still post with me as the other wolves on this board))

Jacouse came back to this world a few hours after Savira had left, Climbing off his web onto the ground as he stretched this arms above his head as he then moved over to the door, he wondered if it would be alright for him to come down to the bar.

The other wolves where not all that nice to him before, but if worse comes to worse he could just come back up to his room and stay up there for a wile. Moving his hands to get gloves out of his pocket as he put them on as he then opened the door and walked down to the main bar.

His eyes looked around as stood near the stairs but to the left as she did not want to be in the way.

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16Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:36 am

(OOC: I shell play the wolves of my pack when every someone is in my village.)

Leah held the demons clock out to him as she smiled at him. She was a very happy person most of the time.

"Savira left this for you. So what brings you to are little village?"

Perry poured Michael another drink as she watched Leah chatting with the stranger. Leah would talk to anyone that wondered into their village. Which was a worry since Leah was the Beta Wolf and in charge when Savira wasn't around.

"Would you like a drink?"

Perry wondered if this creature had any money, it was very rare for money to pass though the small village. Though it would be nice if someone a least payed for a drink once and a wile. Sometimes a werewolf needed outside of the pack lands a few coins to get them by.

Michael quietly sipped his drink as he watched over the girls. He didn't know this demon and he didn't know if it would turn on them.

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17Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:49 am

Jacouse took his long sleeve clock and put it on so the only skin that was showing was on his face, looking at Leah as he then gave her a smile, this was quite nice for once some one was not trying to kill him well other then Lady Luna and Lady Savira.

He was not ignoring Leah but Turning his had to look at Perry with a nod of his head as he then pulled out a medium sized brown pull string bag, opening it he pulled out one large gold coin, Hidding them in his hand, putting the bag away, Jacouse then placed them in Perry's hand with a smile.

"this should cover my stay??" He asked as he looked at her then moved his head to look at Leah and then showed the ring that Lilly gave him, and that he had shown Savira earlier.

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18Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:32 am

Perry's eyes widened at the sight of the large gold coin, that was Fifty thousand dollars. She couldn't believe it. This demon was load! That was enough money to live out the rest of her life. Werewolves didn't spend much since wile in their own village it was nether free or trading. She poured him another drink on the house putting it next to his other one.

"Thanks you Sir Jacouse,"

She didn't normally say things like sir and mama to people but this guy so deserved the repected. She pocketed the coin with the happiest smile across her face as she poured Leah and Michael a drink to on the house of course. Not many of the wolves paied her.

"O that's one of those trust rings, you must of done something really good to get one of those. Which pack member gave it to you?"

Leah stared at the shiny ring that was so pretty as she sipped her drink.

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19Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:19 am

Jacouse Looked at Perry's and smiled at her reaction to the coin he had gave her, as he then started to drink one of the drinks he had been given, not that it did anything his metabolism would burn up the alcohol before it could do anything to him.

"your welcome, but I really would like it if you just called me Jacouse, seen as I'm only a Omega in your pack standings" He was shore that she would be higher then him in this pack but if she just called him by his name that would be enough respected for him.

Turning his head as he looked at Leah as he then moved his eyes to look down at the ground, something seemed to drop inside him

"Lilly gave me this, I was in a dungeon cell with her at Demanders Castle, she gave it to me when we went our different way after we had escaped " his voice seemed saddened at the thought of that.

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20Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Tue Dec 07, 2010 8:48 am

"Lily escaped the demon lord's castles? We must find her right away."

Michael piped up in an outbrust as he glared at the demon.

"You didn't find this important to tell us this before?"

He stood up ripping off his clothes in front of all of them. He shapeshifted into a large brown wolf and run for the door.

"Are... Michael?"

Leah raced over and stood in front of the door blocking his exist.

"Brother you have no idea were to find her. Where are you going to start looking? Really now...?"

Michael wimpered as he hang his head down out of embarrassment and looked back to the demon with a graze of disgusted in his eyes.

Leah laughed at her brother as she sat on the floor and hugged him. His fur was so soft.

"Jacouse can you show as to where you last saw Lily?"

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21Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Tue Dec 07, 2010 2:09 pm

Jacouse's eyes moved to looked at Leah, he could tell them the last place that had seen her, but going there would be asking for troubled.

"We parted at the forest on the borders of that demon's castles" He hated him, it was clear by the way he was speaking of the demon lord, one of his goals in life was to kill his uncle and take his thrown, one that his mother and him feels should have been his birth right.

"I dare not go back as he would be looking for me" Jacouse did not want to make it easy for the so called demon lord to catch him again. He had messed the place up a bit when he ahd left and killed a lot of the lords followers

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22Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Tue Dec 07, 2010 3:14 pm

"Brother please be still. We well talk about this with all the wolves of are pack and then well go to this forest. Well if they all agree it a good idea that is."

She rested her head in his fur as he laid down on the floor beside her.

"Yes sister, as you well."

He spoke to her but to the demon it would just sound like barking. Michael loved his sister very dearly and would trust her judgement over all others. After all they were twins.

"O' this is truly going to stir trouble in the pack."

Perry sighed as she spoke softly to herself though the demon was near her and would probably hear her every word.

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23Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:24 am

Turning his head to look at perry as she spoke, he wondered why she would say such a thing about her own pack? he was shore they would want to do anything they can to get there queen back.

Jacouse him self wanted to go find the lady Lilly but he was still to weak at the moment to do such a thing as he had not feed, it would just like walking up to the castle gates in front of the demon lord and screaming hear I am. And at the moment he did not want to do that.

"I Know my way around the castle very well.. I could help, but I still need a few more months" Jacouse said in his deep smooth vice as he then looked over to the door way at Leah. On top of that Jacouse was the lord of a large group of demons that would follow his every order, as they all wanted Demander dead, he could give word of an attack on Demander's castle in a few months and give them time to get ready, Jacouse's mother would even join them to take the so called demon lord down.

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24Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Mon Dec 13, 2010 8:27 am

"Mouths? What are you waiting for may I ask..."

Perry seemed confused when he told them it would take him mouths before he could help them find Lily.

"If we tell the pack about this at the meeting most of them wont want to wait for a demon and some of them may not trust his word."

Right then a young boy looking around the age of twelve walked into the bar. Wearing a dark blue cloak with his hoodie down and wearing a dark blue pointy wizard's hat on his head. His robe seemed to big for him as it dragged along the floor behind him. Zorro sat down on a stood at the bar.

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25Howling Falls Empty Re: Howling Falls on Mon Dec 13, 2010 9:33 am

He looked at Perry as he then rubbed his hand on his head, really this was not going to end well for them all if they went out and tryed to storm the Castle they would be out numbered, sighing as he lent in to her ear

"I know that castle better then any one here and I know Demander better then any one here" he said as he looked at perry and then placed his hand on the wall

"And I want Demander dead more then you know... but to storm in there would be suicide... and Lilly would not want you to" Jacouse could see that is would not go that well if they new that he was of the Demons blood line.

"Demander won't kill Lilly.. he has gone crazy after Luna's death..." Jacouse said as he looked to the side over to the wall

"and seen as Lilly and Luna where close he is using Lilly as a way to feel like he is still with Luna..."

his face filled with anger as his eyes glowed a deep
dark red with the thought of it

"I really don't think he would just have let her leave.. I only go way coz Lilly meant more to him then I did" Jacouse looked over to perry as he then closed his eyes holding back his rage as he then opened then once more and looked around he did not want all these people to be killed.

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