Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Jessica Demon/Vampire/elf

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1Jessica Demon/Vampire/elf Empty Jessica Demon/Vampire/elf on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:24 pm

Characters name: Jessica
Age: 330
Gender: female

Mother: Demander's Sister (Demon)

Father: Korie (Vampire/Elveish)

Siblings: Jacouse

Race: Demon/Vampire/elf

Character information:
Basic Physical Info: Looks like the pic)

Basic Personality: hard when she needs to be, but also kind at heart, she is a real sucker for good looking people and can be drawn into them, even if it is dangerous.

Likes: she has not problem with people if they have no problem with her.. she eats normal food but also feeds on Vampire and Demon blood if needed.

Dislikes: Demons because of her up bringing,and vampires for the same reason, she dose not drink human Werewolf or elven blood.

History: Her mother cast her aside as a baby into a small town of human's where she was found by a family, a woman named Kate took her in and raised her as her own as she was not able to have children. Kate new Jessica was different, not a normal child, she never got sick and she had some strange ability, when Jessica was ten she was hurt bad and was said not to last the night, but the following morning she was fine her wounds had vanished the only trace that they where ever there was the blood on the floor and her cloths.

But the people of the town did not label her as a monster as she had got them wile saving her mother and two other children. The village began to train her to fight and over the years she became better and better, she became a Hunter!

Hunting Vampires and Demons, it was at that time she realized that she had the thirst for there blood she could not help it, if she killed them she fed off them.


Equipped Weapons: Rium- the life steal sword, when cut by this blade the life of the victim is drained and taken by the sword. the weapon is DNA locked to her so to every one else its just a normal sword

Racial Ability: Frigid Recovery, Allows user to completely recover from any wounds over the course of an hour.
Extended Info: By dropping their body temperature down and entering a semi-comatose state, Jessica can completely heal from any injuries. Regardless of whether the injury is minor or not, the user is always in the trance for a minimum of an hour, and this time may be greater if the user is significantly injured.

Fighting style: swift, strong.. dose not like things to last longer then they have to.

Use: Makes the individual targeted come completely under the control of Jessica.
Extended Info: At it's most basic, Mesmerize is a form of hypnotism. Accomplished through prolonged, sustained eye contact and voice based magic, the ability allows the user to drop the victim into a highly suggestible trance. Used effectively when hunting, it can force a victim to drop their guard and blindly follow her. Not to be confused with mind control, Mesmerize instead infuses the victim with an uncontrolled longing for Jessica and a desire to bend to her will. Can also be used in combat to distract an enemy.

Sonar Scream
Use: The User emits a scream of varying sonic frequencies.
Extended Info: The varying sonic frequencies can shatter glass and damage soft tissue. users can also focus the scream they can also shatter weapons by focusing the scream on them.


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