Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Walking a long a dirt track threw the Mountains, she could tell this was not where she lived but being in the Mountains made her feel like home. It had been three months since she had left her home to find her mother and father but still she had not even herd of them even being around at all.

"now where am I?" her soft voice drifted on the breeze as she walked, the hot sun shone down on her face that was the only way she knew it was day time, as she was not able to see things like night and day. her Grand site did not allow her to

She held her hand out to the side as she then felt some long soft vines that where growing on a rock

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Lucky had be wondering for days trying to find his way home to Howling Falls forest. He truly was the most unlucky wolf in the world. He swear his mother had called him Lucky as a joke.

He was a sandy coloured wolf with very ruff fur. He looked old and messy. His tail was haft cut off and all his fur on his tail was very brushy. Though this was normal look for Lucky.

On top of all that he had fallen down a small hill and broken his back left leg. He was holding his back leg up off the ground as he walked.

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after hearing a noise, turning slowly to face where it had come from, she could see a figure still a little way off from where she was, it was the shape of an animal, the way it moved it looked hurt.

Sie did not know what she should do, some animals could get a little aggressive when hurt and she did not want to have to defend herself agents it, not wanting to hurt it more.

Standing with her back agents the rock her gold eyes moved to looked in the general direction of the wolf.

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He saw Sie leaning against the rock face her golden eyes cort his own. He also had golden eyes just like hers, what were the odds he thought to himself.

He was a little unshore about the girl since she seemed to be shying away from him. Then he remebered how horrible he looked with his ruff fur and damaged tail she must think him a wild dangerous mutt.

He wimpered as he walked up the hill limping. Making his way passed her not wanting to scare her he held his head down and looked away from her, so she wouldn't think he was going to attack her.

A blood trail followed behind him as his leg was also bleeding out. He hobled along the dirt road.

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Sie could not see the blood but she could smell it, she could hear the whimpering and as the watched the wolf walked passed her

"Poor thing" He did not seem like it was going to hurt her, and she could not just let it go wile it was hurt like that so she walked to follow the wolf.

"wait... Let me help you" not really knowing why she said to wait it was not like the wolf could understand her

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Lucky stopped in he's tracks as he turned around to look at her. His golden eyes staring into hers. He wasn't shore but it looked like she couldn't see very well. Did she know he was a wolf and not a stray dog wondering the streets.

He wasn't shore what she could do for him but even though he's luck was so bad he hoped it wouldn't hurt to wait and see.

He sat down on the dirt pathway watching her closely. Following her ever move with his golden eyes as if unshore of what she mite do to him. Blood came out of his back leg as he sat their pooling on the path around his foot.

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Standing in front of the wolf she moved her hand to then pull her staff from off her back, holding it up into the air with one hand, she started to spin it around, slowly then a little faster as she the put the other hand side ways in front of her,

"Renewal of the earth" Her soft vice said, this was one of the spells of her people, she needed to say the words to help her focuses on the spell she was preforming. light green glowing dust came down from her staff in a radius of about four meters, once the spell was cast she stopped spinning her staff, the green dust swelled around with in the four meter radius healing all of Lucky wounds seen as he was the only one this was cast on.

After three minuets the dust disappeared.

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Lucky shock his leg realizing that she'd healed him with her magic. He was still a ruff fury and dirty looking wolf but aleast his pain was gone. As well her magic wouldn't of healed his haft chopped off tail that would invole really strong magic to heal such an old wound.

He bounded around her in enjoy he couldn't really give her anything in return or talk to her in his wolf form but he truely was thankful. He was also pretty shore she'd be scared for life if he trasformed right here and now naked in front of her.

Though she did seem blind just maybe he could help her by being her eyes to help her get to where ever it was she was going but he couldn't just out right ask her were so wanted to go. Beside he was as hopelessly lost as she was.

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Sie moved to place her hand onto the wolfs head as she patted it, she was glade that it was healed up and happy, she ran her hand along his back and to his tale, the poor thing must have seen some bad days.

"Oh you poor thing..."she said as she knelt down next to lucky, she could not hear any other wolfs around, then again this was no normal wolf she could tell that much.

"Are you alone.. poor thing you must be just as lost as I am" wolfs moved in packs and it was not often that one would wonder alone like this

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Some male wolves would offen stray from their pack to find a mate and start their own wolf pack in the wild but Lucky was just simply lost. Werewolves were more closes because of their human feelings and find it alright for other wolves in the pack to mate freely, not just ahpla's.

Some other wolf packs in the realm my share different veiw to his own. The aphla in his pack was very young and didn't seem to mind other wolves having puppies. Though everyone know only a pup birthed by the aphla herself could take her place in the pack in the future to come.

That was probably the reason Blade had a thing for their princess Savira. It was likely Master Blade wanted to be an aphla himself by becoming her mate and have his children be in line to be aphla's next. Though Blade was a lot older then Savira by many years and Lucky very must douted that Savira would mate with such a wolf like Blade.

Lucky didn't see any changes of him becoming an aphla nether. Though he was only nine years older then Savira.

He wondered along the dirt road hoping the young girl would follow him. He was trying to get home but which way was home now? He wondered to himself.

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Sie stood to her feet, she looked over towards lucky, she really wished that he would just have spoke to her, with her earth magic it allows her to under stand animals. Moving her head to look around she could not see the figures of anything else, so for now they where safe.

She continued the way she was walking before Lucky had limped past, she was heading in the right detection for Lucky, this way led to Volcana then from then they could go to howling falls

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"If only she could understand what I was saying,"

He mouthed not knowning that she had powers that allowed her to speak with animals. If anyone else walked by that didn't have such powers they would just hear barking coming out of his mouth, Bark Bark Bark...

He bonded along the dirt road with glee. Happy to have someone to travel with.

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"I can... I'm Sie of the Macagi people.. who mite you be little wolf?" her yellow eyes still looking in front of her as she walked, she could hear him bonded along the dirt road around her, she was also happy that she was no longer alone anymore. to have some one to accompany her was rather pleasant in deed.

"I'm rather lost my home in on top of a mountain but this is not the one.." she said as she trued her head to look in the area that Lucky was.

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"My name is Lucky, probably sounds a little odd to you but that's what my mother called me at brith."

What were the changing of finding a creature that could talk to animal's out here in the middle of nowhere? It must be fate that they shell meet like this. He stopped in his tracks to speak with her.

"I'm trying to make my way back to Howling Falls, that's were I live with my pack. Would you like to come with me Sie?"

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Sie really wanted to find her mother and father then head back to her home with them, but if that had to wait then that was the way it had to be. "why would your name be odd to me?" she asked as she wondered why the wolf would ask such a thing, if anything was odd it was the fact that his mother gave him his name.

that was not the way the Macagi people worked, children up to the age of 200 where nameless untill they where put threw a few of tests to see what magical essence they where born with. then from then they where given a clan as well as a name, Sie was one of the few Macagi that where born with two magical essences and so she belonged to two clans.

Sie nodded to Lucky as to answer his question about if she would like to come with him,

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As they wondered across the mountain tops they came to a city called Gia. It had once been a proud city but now stood in ruin. Many statues still stood within and around the city of goat demons, the Alcazar. Though one thing he didn't realize that these statue's were living Alcazar.

Awhile pregnant Alcazar Demons are cased in stone and transform into a statue. It is almost in possible to hurt them in this state. A normal Alcazar pregnancy can be between 750 years to 1602 is the longest one of record to this date. The Alcazar don't age wile in their stone state. The male also gets incased in stone along side his lover, together forever.

He wondered around the city sniffing things wondering why know Alcazar demons lived here anymore. It looked liked their had been a battle here sometime ago. There were plant life growing all over the city walls, buildings and statues of Alcazar.

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Sie wondered why the wolf was going that way? but she followed, she could see that the statues of Alcazar where living. She ran her hand along one as she did she got a image in her head of what had happened there, with the demon lord.

"evil was on this land"

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"I figured that one sherlock,"

He laughted at her, which sounded more like a growlily bark.

"So what are you planning to do once you find your home Sie?"

He wondered though the city there wasn't much of use here beside safe shatter and a few fruit trees growing wild. It was full moon in about just over a day he would have to be away from Sie then he didn't wish to harm her.

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Sie moved her head to turn to face him as she then frowned at his remark, she could not see the soundings like he could, so she found that remark rather rude.

"what I was doing before I left... train to be Elder" she then stood there as she moved her head a little to turn away from facing Lucky and to look over to one of the buildings

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"You... an elder?"

He rised an eyebrow at that comment in shock. She didn't look much older then himself. How on earth could she become an elder?

"Doesn't your type of people live very long? Since you can become an elder at such a young age?"

If he didn't know better he'd think she was younger then him but their must be more to this story.

"My mother was shocked I lived past being a pup as well,"

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Sie gave him as smile as she then moved her hand to run across the hair to brush it out of her face.

"Well I'm training to become Elder so when the time comes for Elder Rui to go back to the earth, I can take over" that was still a long time away but she had to be ready to take over when she was needed.

"True I am still young, in a few months I will be 601 but we have to start young to become a Elder, as we are born into it" she gave him a smile as she then turned her left to face away from him.

"no one ones how old Elder Rui really is, we think that Elder Rui is way over 12000, she is the oldest of us she tells us about a time where things where so much better, creatures got along better then"

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