Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Medlock Aqua

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1Medlock Aqua Empty Medlock Aqua on Sun Dec 05, 2010 3:29 pm

Medlock Aqua – Human / Warlock
Age: 19
Family: Warrick his father and Cleo his mother.
Element: Water.

Personality: Cocky, sarcastic, can be charming sometimes. Always fighting with Savira, ever since they meet they’ve been winding each other-up to get a reaction, by fighting, name calling, cursing at each other, plotting jokes –really mean jokes against each other. Though strangely as it is to believe he likes her, it’s kind of a love hate relationship, but they never seem to it mitt their feelings for each other. When his in a really good mood with Savira or Dunk and out of his mind, he usually calls her by her nickname Bick – though he usually says Bicky.

History: Growing-up in a large populated city, filled with high-levels of technology, like flying ships – a underwater city – robots and many more high-Tec things. A prince of his city of warlocks he was treaded will, provided with a lot of money, next in line for the thrown after his loving parents.

His mother always babying him, wanting only the best for her little boy, she was blind to see that he was nineteen now. Though she was always trying to find him a nice ‘Warlock’ girlfriend, she wanted her son to marry a warlock and hated when he brought home any of his weird friends. She made it her business to rule his love life step by step, no non-warlock blooded creatures were going to have rule of the city as long as she lived, especially haft breeds –she hate haft breeds! And wasn’t shy about sharing her feelings.

His father saw a brave warrior within him, his father wanted him to lead an warlock army, be the best warlock sorcerer, and learn the rules and skills of being a great ruler. For one day his fathers rain would end and this son would step-up and take his rightful place on the thrown. He see great things for his son, and try’s to stay out of his wife’s meddling.

Given to him at birth, for his eyes only was an ancient warlock book, containing spells and knowledge of warlock magic and history, tales and stores. The writing on the pages can only be seen by his eyes, the secrets of the warlock history in trusted to him. He lovings using this book to piss off Savira, it seems to drive her nuts that she can’t read it. It could have a lot to do with the fact that he likes stealing her dairy wile she’s sleeping to annoy her and to read it out of interest. So in return she try’s stealing his book of wisdom, but not being able to read it kind of kills the whole point of taking it. This book can be a great weapon.

Pasted down though his family, a beautiful sharp heavy mental blade long sword with a golden curved handle with baby blue crystals placed into the handle, given to him on his tenth birthday, he started training as a warrior and aim for his father goals for him to lead an great army, though the warlocks would rise and fight for him, he didn’t complete this task as of yet.

He’d meet his friends the other heroes, though when he was nineteen and been with them ever since. Fighting with them to keep the peace, aiming to take down Keda's father a great demon lord back in their realm, free Savira’s mother from Keda’s father’s prison – The Great Demon Lord Demander, he fights to free some of his people that have been in slaved by the demon lord for many years. Although Keda’s father is such a horrible man, everyone still trusts and befriends Keda for she is a kind hearted girl and fights for the great good following within her mothers footsteps. He respects the young teenage, though still his cocky and sarcastic towards her to just not as much.

Traveling with a large group of warriors things can sometimes get messy; breaking out into fights with Savira usually brings out Kathleen’s Yelling! A upon him and Savira. She’s the motherly figure to the group and is always telling them off as if they were children, though she very loving and caring. She sometimes gets on his nervous, when she want let him have a little fun, so what if that fun happens to be throwing Savira into a lake wile she’s still sleeping for a laugh.

Likes playing cards around the camp firer with Gotro, Draco and the twins. Favorite foods/drinks:- Fish –that he usually catches – he enjoys fishing and has some knowledge with cooking. Water, alcohol – strong alcohol – it takes a wile to get him drink. Things he pasts his time with:- plotting fun things to do to Savira, training, fishing, guarding the group – sometimes posted as look out though Draco and Gotro usually are on watch for the enemy. Sharpening his sword. Playing his old fashion guitar.

Other Blessed Powers: Supernatural strength, spell casting from the warlock book of wisdom.

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