Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Name: Sie

Age: 600 but looks around 20-25ish

Mother: Karini is dead

Father: Hoek is dead

Race: Macagi creatures that have evolved from elves.

Appearance:(Looks like the pick)

Personality: Sie is not violent by nature. If necessary she will defend herself, but she will always fight to disable so she can make her escape. She is kind an inquisitive, traits inherited from her mother.

Likes: Sweet foods (lollies, chocolate, icecream) fruits and nuts. Loves animals, plants and nature. Is interested in beings different from her, and people who don’t give up no matter the odds against them.

Dislikes: Spicy/hot or bitter foods. Does not eat meat. Dislikes violence without a cause.

History: Living up in the mountains with her kind for a wile, they where not seen by others so to other creatures it was like they did not exist, Sie learned about her people and learned their ways, she may be 600 but she is still a teenager to her people.

The gold dragon mark on her arm was given to her by a dragon spirit, it ables Sie to lock into her spiritual power and summon the gold dragon to fight with her if need.

she came down from the Temple in the Mountains where the few of her kind dwell to find her mother and father, they where taken from her a few months before, she did not jet know that they where dead. Sie is from the Clan Gran'niya, Macagi that use Earth spells and chants.

The world out side is hard for a Macagi as they are born 'blind' only because they do not see the way other creatures see if not for there Grand Sight they would be fully blind.

She soon found herself lost and could not find her way back,

Weapon: Dragon staff- enables the user to cast spells with out having to chant or use herbs and candles, they still need to using one word or though to focuses there magical essences

Race ability
Grand Sight Use: Allows user to ‘see’ by a combination of wind and electricity.
Limits: 250m radius around user. Can ‘see’ normally in front of them, but have a awareness with what is behind them.
Extended Info: User sees the world in a shades of gray and black, alowing them to make out objects and people. Electric currents are also seen they show up in yellow and the closer the user gets the more detail they can see. Detailed information feeds back in from a combination of evaluating the strength and frequency of electro magnetic waves and wind and barometric pressure felt using the skin and specialised internal organs.

Creeping Vine Use: Allows user to absorb up to 60% of damage from magical attacks.
Extended Info: User is able to absorb the magical energy from attacks aimed specifically at them. They can absorb 20% of the damage if it is a non directed attack (ie someone aiming near them, but not [/i]at[/i] them) or an area of effect attack. Energy is stored in the body and affords a passive healing bonus of up to 20% per hour; small injuries ie minor gashes etc are healed within an hour. Broken bones and major injuries take a minimum of 12 hours to heal.

Strengths: Is much less likely to be affected by visual glamours. Can see invisible creatures due to their body mass. Strong against most bending, due to the Gift Creeping Vine.

Weaknesses: High weakness to electrical attacks, as they also blind the Macagi. Sonar Scream reduces the effectiveness of Grand Sight down to a blurred 2m radius, as the frequency emitted disrupts Grand Sight. Extreme weakness to Ice and Shadow.

Macagi don't have powers as such but they do use spells.

Sie was one of the few Macagi that where born with two magical essences and so she belonged to two clans

Clan Gran'niya
Earth: Deals with manipulating dirt, rocks and stone (and when advanced enough, plants as well.) Earth is rooted in endurance, sustenance and fertility. It has long been linked with the provision of things and with outlasting all comers. Earth is a defensive element, outlasting all that is thrown against and then attacking with brutal efficiency against a worn down enemy. It also helps to make the body more resistant to physical ailments and shocks.

Clan Lou-eon
Time: Deals with the ability to glance into the past and future even slowing down, speeding up people or time itself, the Macagi born with this essences have golden eyes and a gold dragon marking on there arm, and become the Macagi elders and live over five times as long as all the other Macagi there are only ever two, the elder and his or her trainee.

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