Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Gotro, Alcazar Demon.

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1 Gotro, Alcazar Demon. on Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:27 am

Gotro – Demon
Appearance: Goat Demon. Curly goat horns on the top of his head with pointy ears. A white goatee beard on his chin. Human like arms, torso, face and neck. His legs where like a goats and all covered in fur. With brown and white patches. His feet are black hoofs. He had a goat like tail coming out of his backside. His hair on the top of his head also had white and brown patches though it. His eyes a piercing bright yellow.
Age: 800, Looks around twenty-four.
Family: Annabelle his youngest sister age 90 looks around the human age of four. Mary 110 looks around the human age of five and his eldest sister Elizabeth 400 she looks the human age of twelve.
Element: Earth.

Personality: Wises, knowledgeable, kind-Hearted, Brave, one with nature. He has the rage of a full blooded demon but he conceals it inside him.


Awhile pregnant Alcazar Demons 'aka Goat Demons' are cased in stone and transform into a stature. It is almost in possible to hurt them in this state. A normal Alcazar pregnancy can be between 750 years to 1602 is the longest one of record to his date. The Alcazar don't age wile in their stone state. The male also gets incased in stone along side his lover, together forever.

Gia city is filled with statues of Alcazar. Other creatures would just think them statues but the young Alcazar or though not with child protected their brothers and sisters with their life's.

Although himself and his three sister's are very different in age they were all conserved at the sometime. Once a Alcazar pregnancy comes to its end the mother lays eggs. Slimy glowing green eggs that stick to the spot they were laid and then its up to fate when the child is born.

Alcazar female demons well wait by their young for as long as it takes for them to hatch they are very patient creatures. Male Alcazar well often hunt and bring food to his mate. Though sometimes the male well become bored and find a new mate leaving his other mate to die waiting for him to return.

His father had been their when he was born. Over the years they both tort him the ways of the Alcazar as they all waited for his sister's to come into the world.

All was peaceful instill they came. A horde of demons stormed the city of Gia lead by the great demon lord Demander. They started ripping down the statue's and piling them up on a huge cart pulled by hellhounds. The Alcazar were still alive for now. The awaken Alcazar fought the demons.

After three days and nights of fighting the Alcazar were defeated. Demander had made a deal with the Alcazar to fight for him from now on and he would return the stone Alcazar to the village of Gia.

Which he did, but he took all the awaken Alcazar back to the outlands with him leaving the statue Alcazar unprotected. Gotro's father and mother where killed in the serves of Demander. Gotro looked after his sisters that were now all born under the rule of Lord Demander. They were all his slaves and warriors.

This is the short note history I'll probably add better detail later and this is before Gotro meet the questens, he still serves lord Demander.

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