Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Savira Drahowl

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Savira Drahowl – Werewolf / Elfin (Elf)
Appearance: Honey brown – Leaf green eyes, light long hazelnut hair, white pasty-pale skin,
Age: 17
Family: Raven her father and Lily Drahowl her mother.
Element: Fire.

Personality: highly-sarcastic some would say sarcasm was her birth language she spoke it that well and often. Rages into battle a lot of the time, very loyal to her friends and trusting –when she’s not trying to trick Medlock into something or fool an enemy, very sneaky and light on her feet. Secretly has a thing for the sexy warlock, though would never it mitt it to his face or anyone one else for that matter. Their relationship is like a hate love relationship, their always bickering and trying to rip each other to tiny little bite sizes pieces. Can’t you just feel the heart warming love…? When she really pissed off with him and wanting to rip his head off she usually starts calling him an ‘Asshole’, one of her many favorite words towards him anyways.

History: The leftovers of a mixed species courtship, she is divided between both worlds, a life of magical skills – a growing connections to the wild – knowable Elves and forest dwelling wolves. Starting out life within loving arms, opening her eyes to grazes upon a kind mother and a noble father both of royal blood lines. In these moment all was at peace, though nothing can ever be perfect. Some saw her as a bridge between the Elfen’s and Werewolves to bring them together under a great powerful alliances, to rule as a Queen to both empires when her parents end their rain, a dream that didn’t lest. For a great number of Elfen’s saw her as an monster, a shame to their kind, she was an outcast among them, a filthy cross-breed and nothing more.

Her father ignored his people’s anger and bickering about his daughter for sometime, instill she was around the young age of four. He had loved his daughter dearly, though hearing his peoples curl words, arguments against her, their thoughts of a haft-breed ruling the village of Volcana sickened them to their stomachs. Their was talk of the people taking down the king if he didn’t think of his people, his true people, not some Mutt-lover and her mutant offspring. The people where going to run them out of town along with the King, though at the last minute he turned on his beloved and his only blood-child, standing with his people, turning his back on his family and forcing them out of his life. At first he missed them, seeing his daughter running around the fields of flowers or taking her up to the volcanos in the village and telling her stories about how their village had been formed –and many other tales of great legends. His arm firmly wrapped around his lover, being with her, sharing life with her, knowing she’s safe.

Though as the years pasted away before his eyes, is heart grow cold and hardened towards, he didn’t feel any kindness or love for them. He only cared for his people, for their needs and happiness that would see him though his life. After being abandon by her father, as a young child she hadn’t understood at the time and tried many time to return to the village. Living with her mother for another five years making her the age of nine. They lived in a Werewolf village ruled by her mother called Zorganic Village with the depth of a valley filled with tress and a beautiful water fall; the valley was called Howling Falls. The town was mostly made of bamboo huts, underground dens, some basic shops, a fames bar called Moonshine owned by a bitten werewolf named Perry Blazes one of Savira’s closes friends.

A bitten werewolf is a creature that has been bitten by another werewolf and turned. A blood-Werewolf is a werewolf born from a werewolf mating, in Savira’s cases she is a blood-Werewolf even though her father isn’t wolf. Blood-Werewolves are the most powerful wolves.

Growing-up with elder wolf cub’s her twin friends Leah and Michael –blood wolves. Perry blazes an bitten-wolf, Master Blade Moonlight an bitten-wolf and the children’s guardian. Dusty an elder blood-wolf the village’s shaman, the kid’s baby sitter and Savira’s father figure, all the cub’s and people of the village looked to Dusty from guidance.

One dark night, one which would never be forgotten by Savira and the other wolves. It was the middle of winter, rain pouring down, a chill in the air as the first snow drop of the season fell to the ground. Scooped from her bed by her mother, louder thunderous noises ringing in her ears, she could hear crying and shouting. Within her mother’s strong arms they left their bamboo hut, her innocent eyes saw the demons chasing her friends, shouting out to them was her first mistake, the demons turned to see them, with creepy smirks planted across their faces they attacked the Alpha wolf of the pack, Savira’s mother. Her mother fought bravely, Savira tried to fend them off as well but their were to many, before a demon could grab the young princess her mother pulled out her whip and lashed out at the monster, giving Savira time to runaway as her mother had told her to. Just for a second she had turned her head to look back and saw her mother being taken away by a dark scary tall demon. She wanted to shout out mummy, but Dusty covered her mouth so that the demons wouldn’t come back for her.

The next morning she awake to the sounds of people rebuilding, putting out fires, shout out things about who was missing. She walked out of Dusty’s den calling for her mother, searching for her, know one had the heart to tell her that her mother had been taken and could of been killed. Returning to where she’d last been with her mother she saw her mum’s weapon, picking-up the whip, it was large in her hands, she hugged it to her chest as tears welled in her eyes. Dusty placed a comforting hand on her shoulder, though she shock him off and run away from him. She was to upset to talk to any of them, she left the village and heading for her father. She could track him with her wolfish gifts, after three days she reached the village of Volcana. She seeks comfort from her father; though once he saw her he called this guards. Staying a feather five days and nights in their dungeon, when her father came to visit her just once all he could say was you ruined everything! Still being a child she reached out to him through the bars, only wanting to be held, to be loved.

Another seven days later curled-up in a ball in a dark corner of the ceil, starving and weak her father came again. After all he had done to her she still smiled at him and walked to him. If not the lowest thing in the world, her father was planning on selling her to a circus; the money would pay for her keep and get her faraway from him. Once let out of the ceil she run to her father and hugged him tightly, he kicked her away, hitting the wall hard. The two men from the circus grabbed her; she fought against them, suddenly her hands heated-up the men dropped her. Her powers had awakened, a fire ball hovering above her hand it scared her slightly as she shock to get rid of it and ended-up setting the building on fire. Scared by her own powers and the men she bolted out of the building onto the streets. The fire spread, everyone in the village fought to put out the fire and forgot about her for the meantime. Falling asleep in the streets in a boxes, when she awake she find her father and like a stupid child run-up to him. Hugging him, she looked-up at him with scared teary eyes and keep saying ‘I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean to.’ From behind came the men from the circus and bagged her in a sack, like a wild animal she fought to free herself as they paid her father, she called out to him, ‘Daddy…?’ in an afraid voice.

For five long hard years she lived with the circus in a cage, performing acts for on looks, one night in the crowed was the demon that had took her mother it was a face she would never forget and with him was a young child around thirteen a year younger then her at the time. He’d hear tales of her being still alive and yet he hadn’t come to kill her but torment her. She learned that night that the demons name was Demander, that her mother was still a live though locked away in his dungeons, he told her that he would let her mother free if she joined him and that her mother would of wanted it that way, she refused him knowing her mother would never put her in danger like that and swear that she would kill him, and save her mother if it was the last thing she did! The thirteen year old teen watched them talking as she hugged her large purple bear to her chest, she acted young for her age.

When the circus went to an large town called Pasing Shadows to perform, a gang of thieves robbed the tents, one of them stopped in front of her cage and noted her elfish ears, he was haft human haft elfish and didn’t care that she looked like a cross-breed. As he cut the bolt on her cage, he said ‘What’s a lovely lady like you doing in a place like this?’ Grabbing her hand. His twin brother, her and him escaped out of the tent from the back. She didn’t even know his name, though she didn’t want to stay here so she went with them and as they reached the edge of the town she offered her thanks, though she couldn’t stay here with them. So in the night she sneak away from their camp site.

A year after traveling, trying to find the demon that took her mother she find herself returning to the wolfish village she had once lived in. Since a longtime, she was once again welcomed by people, they didn’t shun her for being gone for so long, they accepted her into their pack. The beta female of the group stepped down knowing she was there rightful leader, Savira was surprised to find out that her childhood friend Leah one of the twins was beta. Staying with the pack instill she turned sixteen, after that she returned to searching for her mother.

These events haven't yet happened, yet well happen and yet have already happened once before. A true never ending story. People who know the Questen story we'll probably get my funny point in this.
Meeting the other heroes on her quest to find her mother and kill the demon that had stolen her. Firstly she meet Keda and her elder sister Kathleen in their home town marketplace. Later she meet Draco, Gotro, Medlock, Salvador and his twin brother Scott. Though she didn’t know that the two brothers were the ones that had saved her from the circus they looked so different. Also that Keda had been the child that had been with the demon lord Demander the night he had come to her at the circus.

Likes making potions, shopping for goodies that would help with making cool potions, thinking-up fun away to annoy Medlock - she likes being his center of a attention. Hanging out with the girls, and trying to hangout with the boys, seeming she’s a complete tom-boy. Singing, she writes her on songs.

Other Blessed Powers: Lycanthropes - Supernatural strength when in werewolf form, unnatural-super hearing, a strong sense of smell, the ability to see in the dark clearly.

Weakness:- Water element, Very loud noises cuz she's a werewolf.

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