Seven hero's drawn together by fate and stay tied together by their friendship. Keda with power over Psychic, Savira power over Fire, Medlock power over water, Kathleen power over lightening, Gotro power over earth, Scott power over light and Salvador

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Character (Narda)

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1Character (Narda) Empty Character (Narda) on Sun Nov 28, 2010 1:30 pm

Characters name: Narda

Age: 16
Gender: Female

Mother: Keda

Father: Draco

Siblings: Dianna

Race: 1/3 Angel 1/3 Demon 1/3 Vampire
Racial Abilitys:
Juggernaut, gives her the ability to take 50% more damage them normal before getting wounded.

Character information:
Basic Physical Info: Shoulder length Dark brown hair almost black which is most the time tide back with some hair down on the side of her face tucked back behind her ears, Honey brown eyes, Pale skin, curvy and enchanting body, like if she were a temptress, rib cage smaller than average, hip placed higher than normal to give evinces to her long smooth legs, red makings going from the back of her neck to the middle of her back. Body type Ectomorph.

Basic Personality: Narda is a born trickster, but can see when it’s time to be serious, Strong willed, tries to see the best in things but sometime its hard. She has seen her fear shear of hardships and so she tries to keep positive in hard times. Kind, but not easily trusting.

Likes: she dose like strong willed people that will not give up even if the odds are agents them, Nature- Plants and animals. Sweet foods, and fruit as well as red meats.

Dislikes: Violence, she is not fond of it but knows in times like this it’s sometimes needed. Some Vampires as they were not always kind to her.

History: Narda’s childhood was a happy one she was born in a human city called Moruan large stone walls sound them, it was on the side of a large mountain range. Maruan was a city of Wizards and spell craft Books of all kinds and languages where in their main Library.

Her mother forbid her to use her powers as she wanted her to have as close to a normal life as she would and home schooled her using the books from the Library, but agents her mother’s wishes Narda sort out some one that would train her, both in magic and fighting. She often snuck out of the city walls and went into the nearby ruins of a temple. Where she found a strange man, he looked dark shadowy and dangers but he was kind to her and offered to teach her how to fight and control her powers.

He do not give her his name and only asked that she call him teacher, he helped Narda master her Demonic strength, Vampiric speed and angelic grace use it to her advantage in combat. For years she snuck out and for years he trained her till one day weeks after her 12 birthday when she had snuck out to meet him and he was not there.

Narda lost track of time that day and before she knew it night had fallen over the land, and with it a vampire clan, they found her took her to their home, the master of the clan a vampire named Midnight could tell she had vampire blood in her and tried to use it to make himself a day walker, but with no luck. He become to hate the young girl and tortured her night after night starving her only offering her blood, which she did not take, so he pumped her body with nutuance so she did not die on him.

For two and a half years this went on till he gave the order and she was thrown in a river, battered cut and on the brink of death. The last thing she remembered seeing was the clear night sky and a shadowy figure standing over her.

Three days later she woke to a familiar voice, it was her teacher, sitting up she looked around, and they were in a temple with nine massive gates with chained door. He explained to her that there were nine magical beans made up of pure magical essence which was what gave the people of all realms magic, they were kept behind the nine chained doors and in order to save Narda he had to bind her life-force to the nine. She would not die as long as they were living and they would not die as long as she was living, if they ever where to die all magic would leave from all the realms.

For the gift she was given by them she had to serve them, she was to restore balance in the worlds, to them good and evil did not exist. As well as her life-force being linked to them so where her powers, interned she was able to use their but only when they allowed her to.

She was taken back to her world in the past to help even out the balance against the Demon Lord Demerdar.

Usual Clothes: Ninja dress, color light purple,

2 Daggers with 20 center meter blades
4 throwing stars
10 small throwing daggers

Fighting style: she uses her speed agility and stamina to outlast her enemies, she is 50% faster then normal creatures so has a high chance to dodge, and 30% stronger

DNA Shifting: Narda can take the from of anyone as long as she has some of there DNA, looking and speaking like them, she can use this power for up to

Body Multiply: Narda can make up to 5 copy's of herself that are able to attack

Power mimicry or absorption: Ability to copy or absorb another's powers or skills forever she can hold five powers before she has to chose what copy or absorb powers she wants to keep.

Hidden power: allows her to use any kind of elemental power that the Nine have as long as they permit her to

High weakness to Ice, electricity and poison powers

Powers copy or absorb:
1)Regeneration: Narda can Regenerate healing wounds on her body anything form cut and burns to broken bones or internal injuries.. the smaller the injury the smaller the time taken to heal, the larger the injury the more the time taken to heal.
2)Fire Balls, shooting fire balls out of both hands.
3)Invisibility, Ability to render the user unseen to the naked eye.
4)Intangibility or phasing Ability to phase through solid matter without harm like a ghost or something like that.

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